Friday, December 18, 2009

Not Doing Well in DEC

WTF... is up with me i ROCKED out nov got down to the lowest i have been in my adult life am i really going to let that all go ?!?!?
so i had a AH HA moment and if i sat here and told you what it was you guys would think i was a NUT CASE ! so i will Spare you of that but lets just say
Amy is always #1 and i will ROCK This and get to my goal But Thanks Bitch that is what i needed !!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Really just that ADDICATED ...

ok i want to start out by saying still doing a great job had 2 days this week with high cals 1800 but worked extra hard the next day in workout 2 hr yes it sucks but that is what has to be done when i have a high day the scale is NOT showing a loss yet for the week but you know for the 1st time in a REALLY long time i am not bummed by that ?!?!? i see the 154 and think wow Amy look at you i am the smallest i have ever been and it feels GREAT!!! sure i want to see that go down and i am sure i will it seems the past few feew it has worked out to lose one week and maintain the next really not sure why but oh well it works right ?!?!

now on to today do you all ever get in a pissy mood as you sit and watch everyone EAT ???? i do and i hate it cause in my house someone is always eating and i think i want to eat but if i do i know where it leaves me :( so i guess today is just a bad day i am pmsing so i am sure this all plays in together lol

Friday, December 4, 2009

Update on Tummy Tuck!

well yesterday was 7 weeks that i have been waiting for my ins to say a YES or NO?!?!?!!?
i really want to get this going ! come on already lol so i called my ins to see what has been taken so long or how much longer it will take i was told that it went to the office where they say YES OR NO on 11\3 and they don't take any longer then a month so she thought that maybe today or for sure Early next week WOOOOHOOOOO!! now i am just hoping it is a BIG FAT YES!!!!