Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Carried a sub 10

WOOOHOOO!! this am for my 6.2 mile run my pace was 9.40 ! i know i could do it but when i run everyday i just don't feel like pushing all the time i guess maybe i could cut back on running everyday that way i could keep my pace faster for my longer runs !

i ran 10 miles on Monday and wore my skirt again LOVED it so much i ordered one from runningskirts can't wait to get it i wanted to make sure i loved them before spending so much $$ on one !!

for the 1,000 miles i am Getting Close to half way to that 1,000 WOOOT can't wait !

Monday, April 12, 2010


WELL Not in Real Life i could NOT Keep up with her (DANG) but i sure look up to her in HOPES to run like she does someday !!!! but till that time comes .. i will settle for running with her in her VIRTUAL RACE for the CURE!!! !!!!
& you can to here is how !!

Sorry i have no clue how to get the link to be clickable :(

Ran in my skirt...

my new Skirt came last week and i thought i better get my 13 mile run in so why not test the skirt to see if i could wear it on run day .. got all geared up made sure i used my body glide !! i have SAGGY LEGS bad !! the run went GREAT !! the skirt worked GREAT my only thing was i SWEATY!! so by the end of my 13 miles i was Dripping went down my legs YUCK ( i know to much tmi ) but i didn't have any burn after the run from my thighs rubbing and they did :) so the body glide works wonders !!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

What a GREAT Wk ..

The Scale was in my favor this week WOOOT WOOOT now to keep that going .....>
i have been enjoying all the family walks \ jogs the Rizos have been doing since the weather is NICE !!

OHHHH i got a running skirt can't wait to try it out :)(got it on sale to SCORE :)

UPDATE ON HUBBY~ he hit his 20lbs Loss !! GOOOOOOO HONEY !!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going to get that scle MOVIN..

for a few months i have really just been working on my running ! tho i love that still run everyday i let what i ate just be that ate what i wanted tho it all worked out in the end i have just been staying the same on the scale but i REALLY want to get it moving down again if i weigh less i will run better at 160 your considered a BIG runner NICE huh so i need to get down lower and i bet my speed will get better to !
i have been getting a run in either with my family or by myself then for my 2nd workout i have been doing elliptical i see the scale moving !!!
i have a goal outfit i want to buy it is a livestong !