Monday, August 31, 2009

NOT always the Case !

so as we all have guessed the past week i have NOT BEEN on track whats NEW with me right so i have jumped on the scale a little here and there and just NOT liking that darn thing ! just a silly # really makes or breaks me ?!?!?!
so this brings us to yesterday it was chilly out side and i knew i had to reach for my jeans ! thinking in my head OMG they are NOT going to fit and i am going to DIE if i get them out and they are sung or what not so last winter i always had my 9/10 hanging around for my FAT days lol so here goes i grab my 5/6 and slide them on guess WHAT they fit better then they did last yr nice and perfect ! i was in heaven ! really so it just goes to show you it is not all about the # it is really about how great you feel in something !

i am going to make the BEST out of sept ! *i know i can it is time for me to put the FAT girl back in remission !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little Bit of This And that !

Oh Shoot ! let me tell you Queen of This and that i keep taken bites of everything i need to STOP this ! in a day who knows how much cals i get in all my bites !!! so this is my focus for this week to BREAK that habit of little bites here and there !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DAY 1 down YES AGAIN lol

so last night i stayed on track YEAH ME !!!
and tonight i am on track to ! i am stuffed from supper so i think staying on track will not be a hard thing to keep up tonight !!

cals for the Day 1,159
worked out for 65 mins burned 605 cals

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Hair Cut

So i got my hair cut yesterday and i must say i was feeling CUTE!! lol as for my eating not so cute !

today i have done Great now to just get my bum to bed and start out GREAT ! i was thinking last night i 32lbs that i want to lose and them maybe 10lb after i see what i look like lol so i REALLY would LOVE to get this off by the new yr .i am really going to try my bum off ! it is so CRAZY how much i can sit and think about wanting food for NO REAL GOOD REASON ! i am not hungry i just want to eat ! time to snip this in the BUM ! NOW !

I hope my news for tomorrow is I MADE it though Day 1 yet again :)

1,043 cals for the day

i workout out for 52 mins and burned 404 cals

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sat & Sun A BUST ...

Lets say i did good on my eating Sat but then you go out and have 10ish drinks you get tons of cals YIKES oh well i did set out for just a few but by the end of the night i was dancning ha ha so you could guess that i drank so much

so that left sunday as a bust to i didn't feel so HOT all day and i didn't even work out ! i think that made 12 dyas of not working out this yr so my goal now is to not have another day off this yr so it will avage out to only 1 day a month not bad huh but we shall see i love my days off here and there

now i am moving on ---------------------->


Saturday, August 22, 2009

BOOO! 1800 cals

OH shoot when will i ever get my eating back under control does this mean i really just have to clear the house of junk ?? i feel bad not to let my kids have some junk but then i want to eat it !
i need to get my act together !
i know i am not gaining cause i do keep up with my workouts but still why waste all my hard work just to eat it all away
will today be better ?

Friday, August 21, 2009


I made it with out attacking the kitchen last night i did have more cals then i would like but i will try to bring that down today !
i ended the day at 1400 so not to bad i am still not going to get on the scale till Sept 1 ! i really HOPE i see an # i like lol
i have been lifting and it really scares me that i will gain ! i know i don't want to look body builder just nice and firm

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still ON Day 1

LOL i guess you all should know that HUH ?
well now down to 12 days to see if i can EAT right NO junk
so last night i was doing GREAT ! till about 10ish i was already in bed watching tv when my hubby who was still up puts some spin dip in the microwave what a yummy smell that is so of course i got up and ate some ! SHOOT i know my cals were NOT as bad as they have been but still there was NO reason to even get out of bed to eat !
so on to today ! so far so good !
but what will the night hold cross your fingers for me lol .....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

13 Days !

Ok so as you all can guess i have still been doing the same Ol i am going to give my self a challenge ! i want to eat right for the next 13 days !
i can do this ! wow losing the 1st 100lb was so much easier lol i am still just at maintaining my current weight witch is 160-150 so i guess i should be happy about that BUT the holidays are fast coming and i want to get a few lbs down so i can enjoy them a little so here in the next few you are going to be getting a play by play of what my day is like and i can bet at times it mite not be so pretty lol
my day went well i have ate great and at about 1,000 cals for the day i am going to just STAY here for the day (god willing ) i don't get up and attack the kitchen lol (i can do this ) it is just food and i will get to eat again tomorrow ! so i have to say that over and over lol i am going to get to my goal ! before the new yr i want to ring the new yr in with the NEW Amy ! at goal and spend the rest of the yr figuring out what i need to do to stay there but i can guess for me i can do that part i have been at this weight for almost 1 yr

Friday, August 7, 2009

Stayed on this week

i was out of town for the week with my hubby while he worked so i think i did pretty well for eating out every meal all week long !
i stayed at about 1400 cals all week i know a little high so i am going to nip that now that i am back home and take it down a few !