Sunday, February 28, 2010

Test the water ...

ok so there has been lots of talk about weightloss and running ?? if you have lost a lot by running let me know (long runs ) i lost all of my weight before i started the long runs ( i was still running but not many days a wk and only 7 miles the longest run ) worried about keeping me going and healthy i have just maintained my weight but i would like to lose a little more so i am going to test a few things this week to see if i can still feel GOOD and still Lose a few lbs ! so here goes

i am shooting for 1200 cals
1 long run maybe no more then 7 miles tho this wk
then 4 miles a day or something like that lol give or take on what i am feeling

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hubby Udate ...

Hubby WI today and is down another 3 lbs GOOO BRIAN....

Monday, February 22, 2010

ZOOMA Colorado ...

i am so excited and yet scared WHY ?!?!!? i don't know other then i feel like i am going to be the slowest girl out there lol why care right just get it done !! but i found a 1/2 to run in Colorado spring July 17th this works out so GREAT my mil lives there so we have a the cabin to stay in !!! not have to worry about any thing other then the run for me WOOOT !!!
But whats up with the Jitters lol

My 1st 1/2...

it was done on the Treadmill but i still FEEL GREAT made a goal i set !!
i started my run this am nice and slow i have some things going on from last week that i didn't want to get worse but i wanted to get my long run in today i was only going to shoot for 12 but EH ! why not just go that extra mile !!
i was at mile 2 and thought maybe i would try something different i would eat some GU every 2 miles though out the run it worked good i had 2 left to eat at the end
i was at mile 8 listing to my ipod witch i don't do ofteN i usally just watch tv but it was a nice change so i am om mile 9 and Pitbull comes on WOW i just felt great !! i felt on top of the world i have come so FAR!!! that i just love being able to do things i could NOT just less then 2 yrs ago !! WOW AMY just WOW!!!
i didn't wear my foot brace it feels fine it was getting a little stiff feeling at mile 9 but no hurt at all and it still don't so that is a GOOD sign !!
mile 11 SEEMED to take the longest lol then i knew after that i was on uncharted ground !? but i keep pushing and made it my 13th mile FELT so GOOD !!
after i was done i wanted to SCREAM i did IT!!!!! i called my mom and have to admit i was a little teary i have came so far it is just nutty ! lots of hard work but nothing i can't handle

Saturday, February 20, 2010


So i did intervals today it was wild Crazy i loved the PUSH i did and i want to work up to the 6.0 being EASY lol will that happen lol for the hole run ?
i did 4 min at 6.0 then 2 at 5.0 for 7 reps i was ready to be done when the alarm when off lol

i also didn't wear my Brace today on my foot and it is a little sore so i am not sure if i should wear it next time or try it again and HOPE it says feeling Good !

Friday, February 19, 2010

Update on Hubby ...

Hubby WI today and is down !!! 2.2 more lbs WOOOOHOOOO Go Brian !!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slowly feeling Me again

I am feeling good today i had more energy !! wooot ! my cold is just about gone to !my run even tho just a small one didn't feel like i was killing myself ! shoot that 11 miles really took it out of me ! so i went for 3 miles today i could have done more but didn't want to push it i have other things going on but i will save the goryness of it lol but it to is getting better ! i just want to feel great again !! i have had somthing wrong for months now i am ready for my body to be mine !!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Amy Heads out for a LONG run ..

There is so much i have to remember and TRUST me on this it is a learn as i go cause i have ran into some NOT so good things ha ha i will spare you any of the gory details but what i have learned so far ...

1. cover nose ring with medical tape( so it don't fall out ) i got me some new rings that will not fall out but they have a twist to them and i can't for the life of me get it in my NOSE AHHHH!!!
2.Brace for my bad Achilles Tendon( witch is getting better) but i am to chicken to leave it off for a run in case it starts to hurt again !
3.Good Capri's( pants if i am heading out doors this time of yr i found that the nike running shorts rub me RAW :( ( but i love the built in undies ) ha ha
4.sports bra ?? i have always loved my target ones but the longer runs i get rubbed raw and my chest not my boobs ( don't have any ) ha ha but i heard that body glide works good for this so i have some on the way so we shall see !
5.Garmin Heart monitor\foot pod
6.Sweat band Even if i do look like a total NERD ! ha ha if i am heading out doors my ear warmer does great !
7.Water bottle ( for treadmill) Camelbak for outdoors
8.GU if it is going to be a LONG run
Oh Shoot well there you have it seems like a whole lot to remember that is why i am learning along the way !

the number one thing i am on the HUNT for next !
Capri's with built in Undies ?!?!? do they make them ?? or i guess better sports undies ( you would think this is no biggie but for me IT is lol....

also going to get some Thorlos to see if they make my runs any more Happy i am sure it will :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

11 MILES DONE........

WOOOHOOOO i am getting closer to that 1/2 i can see it now !! my run was Great had a little sore knee at mile 4 but worked out all the kinks right now my ankle that is still not 100% is Tight so alot to stretches for that today :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 DICK'S Sporting Goods BolderBOULDER

WOOOOT i just registered for this 10k GO me ! this has been a dream of mine for a LONG time !! like YRS ago i would Joke ha ha i am going to run the BolderBoulder so now it is going to happen !!

went shopping today and got some GREAT deals 1 pair of Underarmour Cold gear pants for $20 bucks WOOOT 1 cold gear Underarmour shirt $20 woot 1 pair of Asic Capri's for running $20 WOOOT lol i got some good deals today

Update on my HUBBY Journey he LOST 5 lbs this wk GOOOOOOOO!!! HONEY!!!!! WOOOOT

Oh and Yes my run went so much better today lol

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Or was it just my mood today i really don't know but i slept good last night was i feeling the workout love this am NO not really but i got my warm weather gear on and headed out for my run !
the weather was GREAT not cold (well for here in the sticks any ways :) i still have the cold so this was not making my run swell but not horrifying either
i get 1/2 way and feel my sports bra Creeping around my neck WONDERFUL!!! what can i do Nada i have 2 shirts on one tucked in my pants gloves so there was no putting the girls back where they go so what now KEEP RUNNING lol
then my garmin starts to fog Not bad i could still read it but WTF!!!
i just felt i could NOT push my self hard enough today that was making me upset !
i get home and it was not quite 3 miles OK my thought was does the foot pod get messed up if my pants are in the way ???( something i have to look into today !) it mite not i just always tracked my runs on spark so i am sure that is where the error is not my garmin so now i have to tweak that run not by much
so tomorrow i really HOPE my run goes better or my mood gets better one of the 2 better give lol

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yes this is what goes though my mind if i even feel a twinge of any thing funny i don't want to be sick i don't have time to be sick i can't workout if i am sick i am NOT going to get SICK i never Get sick well guess what I AM SICK !!! AHHHH!!! i have not been sick in well over a yr mite even be longer so i wonder what i mite have done that i let my guard down :( i know i have been pushing my self hard with my running maybe that wore me down who know but shoot now to feel BETTER and fast i am still going to get a run \walk in while i am sick unless it gets worse (IT BETTER NOT lol)

now on to my Overeating for the past few months yes i said months i really have not been GOOD since Nov :( but i am going to get this back on TRACK!! i did better yesterday 1600 cals i always think YIKES that is high but i am telling my self it is ok now to EAT more but i guess all i can do is see where this gets me !

today's plan less then 1600 cals !

Also on a good note my hubby got on the scale last week to a not so happy wi but you know what i am here for him and he to will get back on track last yr he lost 50lbs he is back up a few NOT all of it but it is time for him to get this done i know he can so i am going to be giving updates on him as well i am excited for him !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1,000 Miles in 2010

Thanks Amada i seen that she is workig her way to 1,000 miles in 2010 so i thought that would be great since i seem to really be Lovin my running latley so why not i am 138 already for the yr

Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Miles Down 3 More to GO...............

Yes i did i woke this am thinking i was going to Hit the Streets of Ogallala and get my 10 miles under my belt BUT then i get up to more snow not a lot but still more then for yesterdays run so NO GO i told Hubby i will head down stairs to workout on the treadmill be back up when i hit 3 miles so i set the treadmill get going at a good pace and after about 20 mins the treadmill turns off GAH!! it came unplugged so i get off plug it back in and hit the UP button well i ended up hitting it a little to fast and was at an 8 WOOOOOOOO slow down so i stopped it at 6 and it just felt right so i went with and came down every mile till i hit 10 miles ! i had my daughter take a pic of me hitting mile 10

edited the pic cause i PROMISE you NO ONE want to SEE me in all my SAGGING GLORY when it is Flapping in the WIND lol as i Run

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Garmin LOVE

my Garmin FR60 came yesterday i had to get it all set up FAST and get it ready for my run today then i awake to a light cover of snow AHHH so i toss on my shoes to see if the roads are slick NOPE so i get geared up and ready for a RUN i did 4.25 Sundays are my lazy days i only do 2 miles but i was LOVING my garmin so much i kept going lol really i love this thing what did i ever do with out it for so long lol

as for my challenge with my Jan running mamas my total miles Ran this week is 30 WOOT WOOT so lets see what next week brings i would like to get another LONG run just 9 miles this time unless that 10 just sneaks in
also my hurt achilles Tendon is still not a 100% so this am i thought to wrap it before my run and it seemed to help i am going to keeo that up and i HOPE it will be at 100% soon !!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

80 miles for Febuary

so i joined a challenge with my Jan 06 running mamas ! i set my goal at 80 miles we are all setting them to what we want to achieve i choose 80 for an extra push !

so this am i went out for a run the morning was so BEAUTIFUL i just was enjoying the run i really wanted to get 10 miles in but i didn't track my run before i just wanted to get out there and run so i ended up doing 8.88 miles not to bad that is my longest run yet ! so i am working to that 13

i ordered me the Garmin FR60 it will track how many miles i do with out using map my runs so i can't wait for it to get there to help me push to 13 miles I WILL GET THERE !!

On a sad note there is this weeks WI :(

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


so after my Chalean Extreme yesterday i am so SORE OUCH lol i can't even sit to pee with out sayin ouch !

well tomorrow is Wi and i am SURE i am going to be UP on the scale cause i ate HORRIBLE all week (Hangs Head) but i know what i did so now time to step up and watch what i eat !

Monday, February 1, 2010

FEB is here

So this means it is time for Amy to find the Wagon and Jump back on it lol !! my 2 yr ann is fast approaching i have a weight i would like to be so here goes .........Gah as i sit here all i am thinking about is FOOD really why do i have to be so DARN addicted to food Really but i guess i am now to live with it !

i started Chalean Extreme AGAIN today last time i didn't make it to long i seen a gain and just FREAKED but not this time if i stay 160 FOREVER that is not all that bad as the BMI Chart told me Desirable ( LMAO) way better then where i came from Morbidly obese RIGHT so time to tone and with the heavy lifting you do in Chalean i think i will tone up :) so here i go !! what will FEB bring

work out 7 days a wk (28 days)
Mon-Sat Burn 400-500 Cals
Sun 200 cal Burn
EATING 1,000-1,200 cals (28 days)