Thursday, October 15, 2009

Appt #1 Project UPLIFT lol

It went Well the Dr seems so nice ! i just can't wait to get this ball going ................we are submitting it to my ins to see if they well help pay for 1/2 or part of it they will only cover the part to remove any extra skin from my belly button down and it has to hang so many inches below my pelvic bone and mine does !!!( i know not a nice thought ) so for this part that the ins mite cover i have to wait 4-6 wks for there answer ! so cross fingers for me

Monday, October 5, 2009


i know i said BRING it but AHHH!!! that past week i have ate horrible !! only ate good one time last week ! so it is time to get that back were it needs to be !
yesterday i was feeling lots of energy lol i ran 7 miles but this am my legs are sore and so are my ankles ! but my goal is to keep upping how long my runs are i want to do a 10 K this spring as well as MAYBE get to the 1/2 marathon !! so i think this winter working on longer runs is a GREAT idea !

here it to Amy having a BETTER week i am getting so gitty about my appt on the 15th i checked out the sight that they have and really just seen before and after shots makes me cry i want this so BAD i feel it will complete me !!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


BRING IT .... Amy is ready to have a GREAT month !
i have some rather great new for me i mad an appt to get a tummy tuck i think i really need this ! i have so much skin it is nutty i just feel i have worked so Hard ! becoming who i am today so i want to look as good as i feel !
My appt is Oct 15 th so stay tuned to this chapter in my Journey !
i will be posting pics of what i really look like with out the clothes but it will be awhile till i work up the guts lol
i kinda had a bad eating week AH!! i ate 4 days bad ! some worse then the other but surly went over my cal range so here is a new month and i am moving on !