Monday, June 28, 2010

Bikini FUN....... 13 Days Past OP

i am only 13 days past Operation and i tossed one in there so we know what i used to look like :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Got This The Ugly Truth...

so today it really hit me Amy was going to have a PITY PARTY !!!!! why you ask you seem to have it all going in the right way sure i do the thought of did i make the right choice to be REALLY REAL with you all this pain is so much more that i thought i thought i would wake up looking like barbies twin HA HA HA not so much ! i want to really let you all know what has been going on in this little head of mine !

Day 1 i was so Ready for this in more ways that i can even type about i wanted this more than ANY thing i have wanted in MY LIFE !! so i never really gave any thought to much of it other then what i WOULD look like i was not even that scared when i went in yes i was having some high blood pressure so i know there was alittle but of me being SCARED
the dr came in marked my tummy got me already they gave me some calming meds and from here it all WENT fast !! i some what remember going in to the operating room them asking me to get over to the table i did then i ember the anthologist say i am going to put this mask on you just breath BAM i was out to wake up to my hubby by my side like he always is GOD i love that man !! they were telling him a whole lot of what to do and how to do it lol with in the hr i was being wheeled out and off to my motel room where i have to say i had so much meds nothing really hurt and i kept up with my meds like i was suppose to and slept well in the recliner

off to the dr office for my appt at 9:30 GAH i was dying to see what was under all the wrap i knew for sure i was IN PAIN WOW PAIN well was it pain or soreness tightness pain all in one is i guess how i would say it so i am hunched like an old lady slowly walking along i get in the room , here it goes the MUCH awaited time for me to see what i have been waiting for, what i have been wanting more then ANYTHING in the world !!! i get in the on the table she gets me nice and comphy , starts to unwrap me (keep in mind i told everyone i was sure i was going to BUST out in tears of joy)so i am in that mind set it was all i knew for the past 2 yrs of wanting this so BAD !!! oh here it is she pull off the last of the wrap and OMG ARE YOU KIDDING me really AMY what did we just do did we make the right choice ??? should we just have kept the skin would the skin have looked better then THIS WHAT OMG i could NOT say any thing i was totally SPEECHLESS !! i didn't like what i seen NOT in the least bit i was HORRIBIFED to be very honest with you i know my dr knew i was not happy , i am sure she has seen this before she just wrapped me back up asked if i had any questions i said no and let me go home to start this journey of healing ....
got home ,told my mom look my belly button is under my chin i look horrible ,everyone around me just kept saying AMY you have to heal JUST give it time i don't know how many times i want to break down but i felt i couldn't i could let my Hubby know that what he worked so hard to give was NOT what i thought it was going to be so i just bottled it all up , kept truckin

i slept in the recliner at home cause the pain soreness ,drains all it will NOT allow you to sleep any other way i got up , took a shower still looking at the new me in the mirror i had my doubt i can say i was till not happy tiring to get any one in my house to tell me i LOOKED FAB but no one want to say much they knew it was on thin ice for me so i love that my family will respect that and just let mom have her moment lol all i could think about still is my belly button looks high oh well done now get dressed , be over it done what can we do now !
Day 4
just a whole lot of laying around i didn't even want to get in the shower in fear i would have to face what i didn't want to !!!! so i just stayed nice and medicated up

Day 5
got up took a shower it just felt right that day i was feeling good took a shower as i unwrapped that morning i LOVED what i was seeing the swelling was going down wow that was what made it look so much like a train wreak my belly button *cute * mite i add i love it i just needs time to heal and i could not see that, i still have swelling to go today so that just means it gets better every day !!! yay!!

Day 6 till NOW i just love to look at the new tummy in the mirror it is looking Better every day !! i am happy with the choice i made !!
so you ask why the pity party today !!
the pain soreness what ever it all is it really gets overwhelming at times i still can't sleep laying down , any thing i do really my drains HURT i so want them out , i know that will make this healing process a whole lot better so i think not being the active person i was , the pain mix just really gets me down i sit so much that my butt hurts i have NOT been like this in YRS !! it is not me and is kinds depressing !!

Brings me to today i was tiring to find any vblog on tummy tucks i could on youtube i love to see what i have commming what they went though and all so i find BECKY if only this girl would know how much she changed my world today all i can say is wow !! THANK you BECKY you got me to realize i GOT this i can do this !! Thank YOU FOR THAT
here is her 1 yr video i Cried my eyes out really i can't wait to make one myself tho she does not come from the weight loss side of it i still LOVE her to pieces !!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1 wk Of Healing

I think i am making some progress :) last night i even got to lay flat in my bed but only for about 20 mis but my hips were so sore not sure if my binder was to tight or if i am just not ready to lay flat but either way i will try again in a few nights :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr appt today

My appt went well ,i hate the drive that it is 2 hrs away, i didn't take any meds cause i knew i had to drive so i did good i guess i took my nana for a back up driver but i did it ! i felt every bump in the road how ever :( so about 15 mins before i got there i took a muscle relaxer got up to my appt i knew that by the looks of my drains they were NOT going to come out today :(
REALLY i think that the drains are so PAINFUL !! just like a naggy kind of pain since they are stitched in a BAD spot
she wants the fluid to get a little lighter & a total of only 20 cc coming out i get about 30cc in about 12hrs so if it goes down by next wk i can go back and get them OUT or i have another appt on the 8th so it could be 1 more wk or 2 OH JOY but i know in time this will all be over
i still am VERY swollen every where my tummy,hip, my feet & legs :( i can't wait for all this to go down
i talked to her about standing up strait it is really tight when i try but she says just keep working at it that i would not hurt any thing either way but my back will hurt from slouching
i got the 3 stitches out that were in my belly button :)
i have the ok to WALK as i want i should know what my body can do she said just add a little each day :)
i will take pics tomorrow of everything :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Price we will pay ?

This is taken on 6\17\10
Day after when i got home

WOW !! Really the Price we pay to want to look good ??!?!? what was i thinking i am sure in the long run i will LOVE this ! but wow ! wow ! wow ! i have been such an active person over the past 2 yrs that now all i can do is sit i try to get up and walk every few hrs but it takes forever ,& i am sore tho i can tell it is getting better!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

4 DAYS !!!

I Guess it is time for me to Blog about what is about to go on with me !!! i am not sure if i said anything about me looking into getting a tummy tuck or not on my blog it has been a while but back in sept i went to the Dr and we were tyring to get our ins to help pay after waiting for EVER i got the BAD news that they would NOT help
:( so at that point i had NO Way to come up with $7,160 to get it done :( i was CRUSHED i remember getting the call as i was on the treadmill and just breaking down in a SOB why cause i felt i really DESERVED this i worked so hard for this i want to be able to look in the mirror and see that rocken girl that i feel ! so i just learned to DEAL on May 14th ON my Hubbys BDay he gave me the BEST gift EVER !! he handed me a check to go and get it done !!! again i was a sobbing MESS i do this often just the thought that something so GREAT is going to happen to me !! YA YA!!! so i did my pre op on May 27th and set the DATE witch is June 16th at this point i am getting a little SCARED but i KNOW i want this MORE then anything right now i just don't know what to think of the pain that mite go on i had all our kids c\s so i kinda get what it mite feel like so here WE go i will not be able to run for 10wks WOW will that really work for me i have only missed 23 days of working out since i started my journey just over 2 yrs ago so i am going to have to be CAREFUL of what i eat for the next few months !! the good thing is i am sure all the skin i have weighs at leat 5lbs if not more i tell you it is a ton !! i will be posting before and afters so keep an eye out for that and all the updates so here we go blogger land :) wish me luck for wed ......

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodall Gallop 5k with my son

WHAT A FEELING it is to get out there and race with my son !!! HE ROCKED!! he is only 9 and ran the whole way !!! we came in at 30.38 he got 3rd in his age to only be beat out by some high school Cross Counrty runners !!! GO JARON !! Mom loves you so much !! you truly ROCKED today !

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bolder Boulder pics

All my saggy GLORY as i run lol

brightroom event photography

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bolder Boulder BABY !!

6.2 miles
1 h 3 m 46 s
WHAT a wonderful day it was OMG i had so much FUN !!! the course was GREAT the People of Boulder made it FUN there was so much going on the whole way on the course you didn't even have time to realize you were running from Water to cookouts to drinks being handed out to marshmallows being tossed at you WOW as i sit here and think what a GREAT time i had NOT ONLY for the simple FACT I AM A RUNNER ..... that my friends i NEVER thought i would say i am tearing UP !! to get out on a course and RUN just cause you can FEELS so GREAT !! i know i have ran 13 miles a few times so why make the 6.2 a BIG thing i guess the feel of a RACE is just so filling that just you running can't touch i had my whole family there with me it was GREAT ! there were 54,000 runners this is the 2nd biggest 10k in the world !! WOW REALLY i look forward to it next yr !!
Here is My Results 1h3m46s OVER all out of 54,000 i was 19,483 out of my Division i was 258 out of 644 out of just my gender i was 7,464 out of 25,851* it was fun and well worth it all :)