Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running ???? yeah was NOT ready lol

so today started out GREAT we are having GREAT weather ! i took the day off yesterday just went for a family walk i am having trouble with my tendon again sucks but what ever ! so this am i got geared up and heading out for a 6 mile run it was so nice ! i knew since the weather was so good i would go on a walk with my hubby tonight i didn't wear good gear wore my every day sports bra some shorts and a tank top just a plain one i thought we would just walk but no we did a family jog and beat our family time YEAH RIZO'S!!! mom dad jaron (my 9 yr old) mariah (14) all on foot (duh huh or it would not have been a jog lol)lilleigh in her stroller and juli
(8) on her bike
wow did i feel like i was not the running Diva i could have been lol no bondi band , my hair was down i know i have short hair but it sure still sucked it was great family time just next time i am always going to gear up like i am running lol

also today i got my hand held water bottle i wanted to try one ! can't wait to test it out also i ordered an ifitness belt woot !!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yeah !!! & NAY !!!

i Was Happy to get my Road ID last wk in the mail ! but forgot to wear it when i was on my Run this am BUMMER!!!...

now on to the NAY !! so i really wanted some after running shoes i was always a HUGE fan of Crocs when i was FAT !!(really don't like them anymore but flipflops) (this should have been a CLUE huh?) it was the only shoe i wore for every thing i had there flip flops , a winter pair with no holes so i could wear them in the snow and just the regular ones so i was HAPPY to see that they made a pair called Prepair !! YIEEPIE !! so i found a pair online for $19.99 so i got them i was Stoked well since i got them i had no real need for them till this week after my long run ...(all other runs i just stay lazy on the couch most of the day ) well lets just say LESS THEN PLEASED :( so bummed but i could not get my feet in them without HURT :( so needless to say i have to find another pair i am thinking of going with Rider but alittle scared after these and the riders are MORE $$

If you have a pair you love let me know :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

13 miles and NEW MOON!!

What a Great way to start my day right i didn't get my long run in Monday was just not feeling it so what better day then sat
i got up cleaned the house knew i would NOT want to clean at all after 13 miles :) got my coldgear on and heading out the house i did a few different things today
1. took my CamelBak (the waist one) it worked so good ! i was a little worried that as BIG and Bulky as it was i would NOT like it but i loved it and really didn't even move around on me one bit didn't know it was really there unless i wanted a drink
2.took the new nikes on this run and i loved them nothing hurt but my toes and i think as soon as my thorlos get here that problem will be taken care of :)
3. got new earphones to that have the foamy stuff on them they stayed in my ears well better then other other gel ones would have but as the miles and sweat went on i had to push them back in a few times
4.my new Under Armour Bra ROCKED the house lol no rubs one bit but i also used bodyglide on the spots that i know rub so worth the $40 i spent on it :)
5.Bondiband i have been a little worried about these since i sweat so much but really it proved it self to me on this 13 mile run it held out GREAT !!!

as for my need for speed i bet my treadmill time by 3 mins so maybe i am going a little faster today on my run i just wanted to keep my HR above 150 and i did the whole way drank my water and ate my GU chomps !!! all in all it was a GREAT run !!
Now time to watch New Moon !!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank you Runner World Mag

This week i have been playin catch up on all my reading and somedays i really just chicken out on hitting the streets when it is snowing i read a lot about cold weather running so hey why not get on that right now so here in NE it is nice one day and cold snowy the next so here i go got my cold gear on headed out :) it was great other then running north the snow really blew in my face in my town there is not many runner so when they see me running in a snow storm i am sure they are thinking NUTTY WOMEN ON THE LOOSE lol oh well i felt great !!
so i took a pic for all you warm weather runners so you know i am jealous of you today :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So when i 1st started running i would always run faster outside then i did on the treadmill now that is not the case i run faster on the treadmill it is frustrating i want to be FASTER outside and of course if the weather would cooperate then i could maybe work on this lol
i feel like maybe i should just Love the fact i can even run less then 2 yrs ago i was 275lbs and could not even walk to the end of the block ??
Who knows speed will come i just got to keep working on it !!
Tested my Mizunos today on my 3 mile run wow they are nice to !! felt great !
i have yet to try my nikes outside

Monday, March 15, 2010


so found some Mizuno's for $20 i wanted to try them and what a deal i got !

Mondays are my long run days and i just was NOT feeling it today :( oh well still got 2 miles one of them miles i PUSHED and did my best time yet for a mile 8:21 WOOT of course that was treadmill :( why can't i live where the weather is nice so i feel like i want to hit the streets of course i could i know you all run in rain snow or what ever but sometimes i just don't feel like FREEZIN lol

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 yrs later ...

Same Place Same Time
i love to take my yearly pic with my daughter at this spot just because this was the pic that made me SAY AMY REALLY !! GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS !!!
I feel like i am still Rocken it lol even tho i am still NOT at goal ! but doing GREAT !!

Hubby Update !! down 5lbs this week GO BRIAN !!!! for 15lbs total !!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nike Airmax2009+

Got my shoes yesterday !! my 1st thought WOW !! love the color Hot Pink and i mean HOT PINK!! i did think that maybe i should have got the yellow ones but eh who cares i am Flashy like that lol
i try them on i can dis a shoe FAST so i was worried a bit after spending so much on them
i put them on and WOW they were soft !! i walked around for a bit and what did i have to do next get my ascis out and try one on each foot !
GAH!!! NO!!! my beloved Ascis are softer tho i am not sure if it is just a matter of the nike has more stability ??? but it got me a little worried so i put them both back on my feet walked around alittle jumped around a little and at the end of it said i would keep them and try then but worried that i would be stuck with a pair of shoes i spent alot of $$ on just as walking shoes !!
so FAST FORWARD to this am i get ready for my run i wanted to hit the streets but AGAIN MORE SNOW!!! GAH i am sick of snow !!!
so i get them on head down to my treadmill .... start to run and i am thinking the whole time WOW !!! these are soft they were GREAT!!! THANK GOSH!! i believe they will be my shoe for my 1/2 when i run it of course i only took them on a 4 mile test run this am so more testing to come but after my run my feet didn't hurt there was no breaking them in at all they were running ready i like shoes like that !

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Tidbits

1.WOOOHOOO i think i found a BRA... YES!!! i ended up paying $40 for it but it was well worth it i took it out for a test run 6.2 miles and no Raw Spots !! it is underarmour !!
2.i like the BondiBand but i sweat alot but it does help so i am happy i don't look like a RETRO Nerd lol
3.won some Mizuno wave 10 NEW on Ebay for $20 can't beat that !! WOOOT
4.Had an Awesome Birthday run i am working on time for my 10 K that is coming up !
5.Hubby lost another lb last week he is down 10lbs!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

4th Swimsuit

Yes you read that right i just got my 4th swimming suit not happy with the other 3 i have ! i like this one how ever i think there are a few things about it i don't like so i am sending it back (made sure i could return this one ) so i THINK that next one will be the winner same type just a few tweaks this one didn't have lol
oh and why did i NOT care what i looked like in a swim suit at 275 as you can see from the pics on the right of my blog GROSS but now i worry NICE huh
Workout yesterday
i didn't run i did elliptcal it has been about 2 month since i have done any thing BUT run it was a nice change :) BUT i still love my running

Friday, March 5, 2010

Still Looking for the GREAT Bra ....

So i ordered 2 more from Sports Authority Brooks & Reebok the Brooks was GREAT!!!! but as i got about to 2.5 miles i feel a pain ON NO !!! the v shape is rubbing me RAW :( gah is it just me that has so much trouble with this ?? so it is a good thing that i didn't take that bra on a LONG run !! so now to try the Reebok i also have a nike one & UA so i have to like one of them !!!! ( I HOPE )
1.I got some new shoes coming my way nike air max 2009 pink and grey the reviews are good i hope i like them
2.OHHH i also got my Bondi Bands so cute i can't wait to try them out !!
3. got some new Oakley for my running outside !! LOVE them ! got to use them 2 times this wek
4. got my Ipod Nano WOOOT now if only someone in my family will Help me get songs on it i have no idea why but my daughter put itune on her computer so now we have them on 2 different ones so now we have to back them up and put them all on my hubbys new laptop so i HOPE they get on this FAST lol

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Outside ABOUT TIME ..

Weather Sucks here in Ne but what can i do ! i did get out today for a run wow ! i have work to be done outside as far as my running goes everything seems so much harder outside then on the treadmill i remember the day where it was the opp don't know when that changed ?????
so i ran my bum off this am 3 miles at a 9:50 pace SHOOT need to work on that !
lets hope i have many more good running days before the next snow !!!

My ipod Stories !!
i got me a shuffle last yr i know i used it daily but shoot that thing died so FAST so then my daughter got a new nano about a yr ago so i took her old suffle that i washed by the way and it worked just fine till i of course get a hold of it ! it is dieing a slow DEATH it really only works when it wants to !! POOYE i think i know now why they are making them different !!
so for my Bday my hubby got me a new nano i can't wait to get it !!! yeah music again ! i have not been running with my old one cause it only workes when it wants to ! so it will be nice to have my music back !

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zooma Colorado Half marathon here i come !!

Yes i got the GUTS today and registered i get the jitters just thinking about it but i am going to do it !!! WOOOT WOOOOT !!!

July 17th !

also have my 10k BolderBoulder may 31st just got it all finalized booked our hotel i am so ready this yr is going to be great !!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Confessions of a Runner ..

well today i went for 10 miles and i bet my time by 4 mins from my last 10 mile WOOOT me ! i really wanted to hit the streets today but got up to MORE snow SUCK!! but i got my run in any ways so eat that snow !!!
so for confessions for today ...
1. DARN started running and Forgot my headband Gah i hate to have sweat in my eyes even tho when i am outside i am NOT going to wear one lol in fear i will be laughed at
2. Went Commando today lol i worry about my undies way to much so i had someone tell me just go with out so i did and it was not weird at all my Capri leggings did just fine lol(yes i know way to TMI lol
3.gah not sure if it was the mix of bad eating yesterday or the Chomps but my tummy has been on the OUTS since i got done with my run POOYE !!

UPDATE on my Feb Jan 06 mama Challenge
my goal was 80 miles i clocked in at 121 miles WOOOT so my reward was a new outfit !!

On a side Note
i looked at some new shoes yesterday
Brooks Ravenna ~ liked them but they were not as cozy as my asics
the others were mizuno can't remember what kind now and looked them up and can't see the ones i tried on any ways not as cozy as my asics lol
so does this mean stay with what you know and love ??????