Friday, May 22, 2009

Looking UP!

so a friend of mine got me thinking i really need to start to run again so i ran last night and today ! it felt nice i am coming back SLOWLY but Surely !!! lol i can't let my self down

today i am on Track ! with 6 points to spare lol

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well my week didn't end to bad could i have done Better OF COURSE i am sucking this week as well i ate pizza, ice cream & LOTS of ICE CREAM i think i ate my weight in the Shit AHHHHH POOEY of course i feel as though i am Losing this Battle and i am self Sabotaging Everything i worked so hard for


My WI was

Friday, May 15, 2009

Movin Slow

But Moving..... is the good thing i am on day 3 of making good eating choices ! i know i have been here before so right now i can only take this one day at a time ! and that is what i am going to do !
i want this BAD enough i am going to make this work ! this week i am really focusing on my mind and my relationship with food so for my workouts i am being really lax! i think i need to see some loss to get me motivated and them my workouts will pic back up !

5/13/09~ 171.1

Thursday, May 14, 2009


OMG really i am hanging here by a thread wow! i just can't believe this is so hard for me right now :( i have gained yet again ! it is time to get real or just give in and say well AMY you Failed again !
BUT i don't want to give in that way me being addicted to food is one thing that i just can't get OVER it is always going to be with me a struggle for the rest of my life :( i have talked with a few women that have lost over 100lbs as well and we all feel that this will NEVER fully leave us sucks ! but i guess part of life !
so yesterday i didn't do any workout i just sat and had to think all day what my plan of action was going to be i am going to make this work i have worked way to hard to let it all go now !

in oct i was 154 i am now up to 171 SUCKS!
i will get back to 154 and move on to my goal ! it is just going to be like starting all over like it was back in April of 2008 !

Monday, May 11, 2009

Starting to LOVE me .........AMY

Ok so i got up this am and got on the Scale YES again and UP them 3.2 lbs i was down yesterday OF COURSE so i was going to hit UBER slacker down in the DUMP mode but i got to thinking to myself as i was sitting here WHY ?? girl you have lost 100lbs YES a 100lbs!! what part of that should be Depressing !?!?!?!? i set out on the Journey saying i want to lose a 100lbs well i did that i guess i get so caught up in the BEING THINNER i truly don't think of what i have done !

i went to my moms yesterday and she gave me some pics i looked at them and thought WOW does it really take pics for me to see just how far i have come ! i have the FAT girl still in my mind so much i still think i am her ?????!!!! and although i am not no skinny Minnie i still LOOK good!

Lovin Amy is going to be a work in Progress i want to think of me and just say i do love ME!

No off my bum for a walk in this nice weather today !

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well i over did the food last night when i got home after a night out lol but as of now i am still in the good with my ww points for the week i did get on the scale this am just to "SEE" lol i know i should NOT have wed is still a few days away but i was down 3.2 lbs :) so i guess it mite be working

i am so tried today i said Sundays were my day off but i really should do something i was really lax this week with my work outs and even had one day that i only burned 200 cals YIKES a little low :( but as of right now i am not feeling much but being lazy but i guess i have a few hrs left to pull something out lol

i also have the feeling that i am going to JUMP head 1st in to the food :( so maybe what happens tonight i will NOT get in the good of the points OH i hate DAYS like this :(

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well as i told you before i was not doing so well my plan was to START on may 1st but i really just screwed that up like i have been doing for the past months ! so i did a restart on Wed . so wed and thur i did GREAT only ate my daily points so this now brings me to yesterday i didn't do so well i at Alot of JUNK i am still within my week bonus points but it still feels so WRONG that is just nuts but i guess i will just have to see where it gets me i have always ate so little that any time i do eat i feel bad like it is WRONG!! so i guess all i can do is see what wed brings !
i have not been getting on my scale at all for what the past 2 -3 weeks so i Hope i can get back in this 100 % and see a loss !

Monday, May 4, 2009

Joined Weight Watchers

Well the title says it all lol i wanted to try something new and i think this mite be what i am going to do ? i am in total BURN out and i am just not feeling the love for much right now i started WW friday but we were out of town for the weekend and i didn't eat so well so really to day is going to be my 1st day back on track i chose fridays as my WI day for WW so we will see where it gets me ?
i also think i am going to take off 1 day a week from working out ? this is what i say right now when af is in FULL force but who knows that could change she really does BRINGs ME DOWN !! big time :(
i have 25lbs to go and i WANT THEM GONE!!!