Friday, July 31, 2009

YEs! Day one down MANY TO GO

so i did it i stayed on track yesterday even though i ended my cals a little higher then i like them to be that's ok i need to know that 1,400 is really NOT that bad !
so i am movin on i really am going to make this work i want to get these last few lbs off for GOOD!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Started Chalean Ex

I started Chalean Ex wow has my body been sore lol but so worth it all so here goes my before pic and IF i don't get my eating in line i will not get anything out of this !


WHY i hate that i can do so good for a while then do bad for the next few days to follow why all i am doing it one step good one step bad if i keep this up i will NEVER see that 135 ! or even my ULTIMATE goal of 125 !
so as i have said so many times the past few months it is time for me to STOP the binges ! i can do this i know i have that inner strong women that got me to the 100lb + loss in only 5 months so it is time to dig DEEP and pull her back out i just want to eat right for one month! then i will work on the next lol so here goes !
i am at my cals for the day 1,083 i don't care i am going to STAY STRONG tonight i don't care what cookies is calling my name i am going to come back tomorrow and tell you just how good i was lol i am in HOPES that i will see the lowest i have ever been my in my Adult life with in the next week maybe 2 but i HAVE TO ! i want this ! more then food !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got My Chalean Extreme !

I can NOT wait to try this program out ! i thought that i would not like it because i didn't ever really like turbo jam just didn't click with me well about 2 wks ago i thought i would give the chalean ex a try i had a friend that burned me just a part of it she thought i would like ! OMG i was in LOVE when i was done i could not move for 2 days after but i knew when i was done it ROCKED! so i had to order the whole set i just got it in the mail yesterday so mon i will start it i am going to TRY my hardest to stay loyal NOT binge the whole 3 months to see if i can really shake these last few lbs i have
so my new found love of Chalene i decided to try turbo jam again OMG i am love with this as well it really kicks some bum and you burn good cals i love it !
my oldest daughter and her friend workout with me yesterday and i have to say the my 32 yr old bum kicked there 13 & 14 yr old bum HA HA girls it felt GREAT mama kicks BUTT!!!
there is a great friend on spark that is struggling as well so we have decided to not look at that BIG picture but to take it 10lbs at a time so it don't seem so bad ! so we started off yesterday great ! so i really hope this is the end for me and a great beginning for her ! i am ready ! to get these lbs off and maintain for the rest of my life ! i know i can do this !
so this weekend some time i will be taken pic (before) i start the Chalean Ex and them after the 3 months i will take more so i HOPE i can say WOW ! look what i done !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been A while

Here are a few new pics i have taken i like to take pics now and then even if there is no real change in my weight just so everyone knows i am still around and still busting bum to keep these lbs off ! and lose more !

But as i am sure you all know i am still doing the same old stuff being good one week doing bad the next AH!! i so need to end this cycle and just pull out that inner STRONG WOMEN that has got me this far i am still in the 160's then to the 150's so i am somewhere in between that right now BUT i am doing my best to end the binge eating and get back to my old ways !

i am not sure my old way of working out will every come back lol i mite have good days but BUSTING my ASS is really not what i want to do any more WOW where did i come up with all that but the GREAT thing is i did and it only took me 5 months to lose a 100lbs but let me tell you it was a LOT of BUSTING BUM...........

i am not really into doing that much working out any more lol i still work out 7-6 days a week more to the 6 lately then 7 i don't aim for HOURS of workout any more i have 39 lbs i would like to lose and if they come off 1 by 1 i don't care as long as they come off and STAY OFF ! i am really just gearing up to what i will and CAN do the rest of my life sure it was all good for 5 months to live like a NUT and work out till the cows came home everyday lol but in real life i know i can't do that till the end and be happy

eating 1,000 -1,200
and working out 7-6 times a week just depending on what i am feeling for the day week
only aiming to burn 400-800 cals a day but if i get 400 i will be HAPPY ! i really think i can live the rest of my life like this i just need to stop the binges so i can get these last lbs off for GOOD!!