Saturday, February 28, 2009

DAY 2~Getting my Groove Back !

YES yesterday was day 2 of getting my GROOVE BACK!?!?!?!? i am feeling so good you have NO IDEA!! my day rocked yesterday !!! we took my son to his 1st wrestling meet of the yr and i was SURROUNED by JUNK food! it was a late meet to so it was a BAD time i did so well when we got home i ate a little then went to bed! WOOOHOOO ME!!! NO BINGE!!! day 2 !!
ROCK ON .................

Friday, February 27, 2009


OK so after yesterday morning what i seen on the scale MUST have got me back to REALITY! i have to WI every Thursday for my BLC on AMH! i could NOT believe what my eyes seen ! so yesterday i was BOUND and DETERMINED to get this bum of mine back on track before it is to late and i sabotage 11 months of all my hard work !
So i had my morning coffee, water and sat at the computer to THINK about what i REALLY need to do cause something has to BE DONE! and FAST NO MORE OVER EATING AMY!
so i went to spark reset some of my goals i think i am on a tad bit of a burn out i need to cut back on some of my working out so i lowered my work out time to 45mins & 400 cals (that i want to burn )that is what i want to do daily NO IFs or BUTS about it of course knowing me i will get more in but on days i don't feel it these are good #'s
also on spark i reset myself back to fast break !(just gives you good tips are if you were just strating out on a "diet") i am going to get back on track!
So your dying to know how my day went...........................RIGHT?

I ROCKED!! i was so good yesterday just a tad over 1,000 cals the funny part was it really didn't seem so hard for me once i set my MIND to it yesterday ! of course i have this Pink little pics of paper that hangs form my desk that say AMY'S GOAL i really think looking at that HELPS!
Off to another great day !.........................

Thursday, February 26, 2009


SO I SUCK !!! i don't know how in the WORLD i can stay home and be the new thinner Women i have become ?!?!? i REALLY need to find this balance or a JOB FAST!!! i did really well till right before bed then binge!!! AH!!!

not after 11 LONG months !! .........

i got up yesterday and just didn't feel like doing a workout i just needed a rest i did get some wii fit in but that was only 205 cals burned but something was better then NADA at this point!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Really WANTED to !

Ok so yesterday was going along GREAT i was told by a GREAT online friend (Lisa)that i should sit down every morning and PLAN out what i am going to eat things go alot better when you a SAHM so i did this
I did have McDonald's yesterday morning it was so yummy 1 Egg Mcmuffin 1 hash browns i think the cals =474 yes a little much for breakfast but wroth it lol
I was cruising along just great! the weather here yesterday was so nice we went on a family walk ! it was great got home had some protein water cause i was feeling a bit hungry ya me! Then i had to run to the store to get something BAD idea i passed the candy ile all good on our way out my Hubby stopped by the candy ile and of course the candy isle is right where we have to pay ! so i grab some Jelly beans (NOT a bad choice) , dinner mints (still not a bad choice), then some Resses Peanut Butter Barz (OMG these things are TDF ) as good as they taste they are only 120 cals per bar
So i get out side the store where my baby wants to ride the rides i open the dinner mints have a hand full not a big deal only 60 cals for a serving then off to the van i opened the jellybeans I think i had about 2 serving NOT that GREAT when they are 150 cals a serving ! AH!! so then i get home add up my cal i am at 1,300 ok not bad but that is it NO MORE eating and i had not even had supper yet
WHAT DO I DO ?!?!?!?
I ask the family if they want to go out for supper for PIZZA not only is it PIZZA but it is a buffet so well lets just say my day was a BUST AGAIN!!!
as for my workouts ~GREAT as always i get so down on myself i work out so HARD everyday just to keep my weight off AH!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food Addiction

Well Yesterday didn't end well as most days lately i binged right before bed i was high in my cals yesterday any ways about 1,500 !!AH!! WHY can't i do this !! i have got this FAR why mess up now so i fed my inner FAT girl food she loved and NOW we can't give them up ??? REALLY now come on Amy your better then this i have not worked for almost 11 months to let this all go !?!?!
i know food is a BAD addiction for me i hate that with food being your addiction you have to find the PERFECT balance cause GUESS what we have to eat everyday to live your balance it to EAT TO LIVE not LIVE TO EAT!!
with all other addictions you can decided to STOP then not turn back with food you have to have that so it is like a teaser you can only have this little bit to live and NO MORE ! NICE for someone like me with that INNER FAT girl that is NOT always an easy thing to do !
so as you all know or will learn fast from this blog i will get up dust off and start NEW today !

Should I???
just Love myself for what i have become and NOT worry about the scale that does NOT say 135?!?!? i am a mom of 4 i have to admit i love the way i look i just seem to want to STRIVE for the 135 or 122 i will be 32 so being 166 is not all that bad ??? after all i came from 275 for yrs that i thought was just FINE and now being 166 is not good ??? what is with me !

Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok so today is day one of me getting BACK on TRACK while i became a SAHM also today so you guessed it that means ME & my INNER FAT GIRL HOME ALONE WITH ALL THE FOOD!! can someone PLEASE lock my cabinets!!! i swear i am just eating to eat ! so far i have NOT jumped but it sure is getting to that point:( i want to eat NO MORE then 1,200 cals less would be nice! but i don't think LESS will happen today ! i am at 1,089 it is only 3:19 here OMG will i make I HAVE TO !!! STAY STRONG AMY YOU CAN GET THOUGH TODAY AND MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES!

Sugar Cookies ~WON!

Yes i know NOT most of you know how many times i have said this since oct! but today is the day i get my HEAD on to my goal & STOP the over EATING!!! so as always i done so well ALL DAY yesterday the kiddos come back from nana with 2 DOZEN sugar cookies WHAT?!?!?!? are you kidding me so i ate JUST one then of course my Hubby don't like sugar cookies so he asked if i can make him so chocolate chip *just happen to have one ready to bake pack in the fridge* so i make them yes!! just have ONE! the night was going like always i get the feeling like i just have to eat ?!?!? WHY i am NOT one big hungry i just want to eat so of course that ended all VERY bad!! i hate when i do this to myself ! over eat then feel like i failed myself! so my work out was great yesterday like always but my EAT!! BLEW it!!!
my Birthday is fast coming 14 days! so here is a little goal i set for me *yes you will see lots of little goals to get me to my REAL goal ! i want to EAT right for the next 14 days
1. NO EATING after 6m
2.Stay at or under 1,200 cals!
At times i think HOW IN THE WORLD did i really get off 100+ lbs this is HARD or is my INNER FAT girl *my love for FOOD*tiring to take over i CAN do this i have been doing it for months why the struggle NOW!?!?!?

well it is 8 am here should i go work out i NO longer have a job so a real RUSH on getting my work out is NOT a must i have all day so i really need to get motivated and work out NOW!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can i Finish This!?!?!

Hi i am Amy Wife to my WONDERFUL HUBBY Biran & mama to 4 wonderful kiddos i started this journey April 14,2008 up till now i have lost 108.7 yes i know that is a GREAT achivement but at one point i was down to 154lb then came the Dreaded Hoildays since then i just can't get back in it with my eating i work out everyday and love it ok maybe not love it but i do it if i don't i feel GUILTY!! so why can't my eating work the same
so this Blog is going to be about my daily stuggles with my INNER FAT girl i am NOT going to let her win! i will get to my goal !

MY GOAL WEIGHT IS 135lbs but i would love to see 122lb but 1st things 1st my goal weight of 135lbs

What i did to GET where i am today
till this day i have only missed 1 day of working out !
walked 35 mins ~ worked out to be about 2 miles
upped to 40 mins
than to 60mins
with in the 2 i added some running NOT long runs just a minute here and there
i also added a night work out that i got to work out with my Hubby!
i don't do a night work out everyday but most of the days i do
i mix up what i use
of course out side for walks & jogs!
EATING i never went over 1,000 cals
as of right now i would like to burn at least 600 cals a day and keep my cals at 1,200

31.3lbs to go!
I TRY TO ONLY GET ON MY SCALE ONE TIME A WEEK NOW there for awhile i was OVER doing it like several times a day YIKES!

so for today everything seems to be going along just fine but like many other days this is how it all goes till right before bed and i OVER eat! and BLOW my whole day ! me and Hubby got a Luch out just by our selfs it was so nice we only went to wendys but it was GOOD! i ate Healthy WOOOHOOO for me a grilled chicken with a side sald! WTG me ! also i hit the gym with my Hubby today most of the time i just use what we have here at home Treadmill & Elliptcal but i wanted a change today so i went with him ! THANKS HUBBY IT WAS FUN !