Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going to Run Like a Girl ..

So with my new running skirt and my new bondiband i Ran like a Girl this am tho my skirt is to big :( I hope maybe i can wash and dry it then it will fit better DARN!!
i didn't get to run the 13.1 miles i wanted to cause i had a sick baby all night CRABBY HUBBY so the mix just didn't make it GREAT i stayed in bed till almost 10 am WOW have not done that in YRS ! we all must have had a bad night
my Friend Chris ROCKED her 1st half i am so Proud of her with out her asking me to do this i would not have pushed myself for more miles EVER ! she got me running miles i never thought i could !!! LOVE YOU CHRIS !!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Amazin Way to start May

So for the month of April i did good i will have to say even if i only Pulled it out the last week or so lol for weight loss i lost 5.3 lbs WOOOT getting closer to my goal
for how many miles i ran in april i hit 126 miles that does include a few walks with my Hubby :)i am almost 1/2 way to my 1,000 miles for 2010 WOOOHOOO!!!
now i am ready to see what may brings On the 31st i have a 10k i am running can't wait :)
this am i got to run outside i don't get to ofter cause Hubby works all the time so i have to just get on the treadmill with the kiddos playin down stairs so when i hit the streets this am it was AMAZIN !!! i am going to get out side tomorrow to
my plan is for 13.1 i have a friend running her 1st 1/2 and i want to run with her ( to bad i could NOT be there with her :)but across miles i will be :)( i hope i have the go in the am lol
GO CHRIS !!!!!!
also if i do get the go to do my 13.1 i am going to wear my new running skirt can't wait :)