Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Tomorrow is MAY

that means my Eating Healthy For the whole month is my goal !
of course we are heading out of town for the weekend with tons of yummy food to TEASE me :(
so today nana took me and Lilleigh out for lunch and lets just say i didn't hold back Oh well
Af is coming any day and she is really FUCKING with me sorry to use that word but i feel i want to EAT everything then just sit and CRY you don't know how many times today i have held back tears ??? i feel like i am losing it !?!?!?

i had a thought last night when i am in total Binge mood i seem to just zone OUT! when i come to i feel like OMG did i really just eat all that :( i so hope i can make my goal this month


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A GOOD WAKE Up Is All Ways GREAT....

Needing a good wake up and The Biggest Loser does this for me after 1 long yr you really get lost in all the GREAT that has become the new me! But I must Not forget where I came from and where I still need to get I LOVE AMY THE NEW AMY ! So now it is time to get to the next part in Amy's journey and get to the end of this journey to live my new life!

I love Amy and we can do this !

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well No good news about the 5k i missed it i went out to celebrate a friend Bday and lets say i over did it :( oh well there will be another one

i have been eating like CRAP still AH!! i have to get my Shit together ! FAST! lets say i didn't like what i see on the scale!

Game Plan to see if i can Eat right for a whole month ! ?? all of may so here i come good eating lol ..

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am ready to just get it OVER lol i am nervous lol i know all i can do it get out there and do my best ! i have ate like CRAP all week whats new for me right !

so today i am getting BACK on track i want to get to my goal someday and at this rate 2 steps forward and 2 back is NOT going to get me there i just ordered new clothes do i want them to small by the time they get here NO WAY! so here is to doing good *Cheers* i want to be at lest 144 by July ! Can i do it !! YES I CAN !!

WHY do i let food control me ! must focus on this to figure it out !

Friday, April 24, 2009

OH Lazy Hit me going 100 MPH

I woke this am NOT wanting to do anything Lilleigh is sick so she didn't want to get to nanas this am so i just have not done NADA this am but want to EAT!! Yikes i need to get out of the house so i stop thinking of FOOD!
i didn't WI today i just called it good for the week and the scale :( i will hope i can eat better for the rest of the week !& i hope i will see somthing great on wed (one can Hope right )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a wonderful day ........

Can you believe this and it NOTHING to do with the scale ... or eating lol i got to go and workout with a Friend Jess she is doing the 5 k on Sunday to so we thought we would do the route together it was just so much FUN working out with someone ! we did 6 miles today jog/walk then when we were done we hit the Hot tub and Sauna wow it just was so relaxing it felt like a MOMMY'S DAY OUT ! i love it and i really hope we can do this 1 time a week ! it is truly refreshing !

as for Wi NOT SO GOOD but i guess what do i think will come out of binging 3 days last week AH!! i hope that my WI on Friday will LOOK Better!

Monday, April 20, 2009


So today i ROCKED HARD ! i burnt almost 1900 cals ! but i am tired yes i worked my bum off cause i had to much to eat last night :( the 2nd time i have binged in not even 2 week MUST RECONDITION MY MIND!!

This am i went on a practice run for my 5k and i did it in 29.09 my last 5 k i done it in 32.32 so i am getting FASTER..........

well i am totally POOED so i am heading to the shower for the 3rd time today lol then hitting the couch ! and NOT moving till that am !

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busting my BUM.......

WOW! i really busted my bum .... to get that binge OFF in cals i burnt off over 1,200 yesterday and so far toady 880 i still want to at least burn off 200 -300 more ! then i will be RIGHT on worked off all them extra cals i had and still burned enough for them days to ! WOOOHT! i am ready to see what wed brings lol still a little nervous about it but i think i always am when it comes to scale day

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Way to Hungry.........

Shit Shit shit! i blew it last night but you know what i am going to make up for it get up and dust off i have NOT been doing good for a week to let it all go from here !!! NO WAY NO HOW!!
wed is WI and that scale will BE DOWN MORE!
i ate
Chili crackers with cheese
4 Pisces of chocolate
2 sev of my fruit /covered in chocolate
1 slice of pizza
so what does that mean BINGE!
AHHH that's ok i am up and moving on ...........

Friday, April 17, 2009

What a Wonderful week ..........

I had WI today for my 2nd Challenge i am WOOOHOOO -1lb down !(159.3) i have had such a great week i have stayed on track ! this is really the 1st week since Oct that i have not binged AT ALL! i stayed in my cal goal the whole week sure it was hard at times but i always found ways NOT to eat !
here is to another GREAT week !


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wii Fit.......

WOW it was 36 days since i got on the Wii Fit i could not believe what a work out it really is doing the HullaHoop was whipping my bum lol but it was GREAT fun !

Yesterday i did the 30 shred levels 1 & 2 ~Jillian Michale's for ~56 mins burned 410 cals
Today i did the Wii Fit 46mins ~ burned 468 cals !

as for my eating it is going GREAT today was 1 wk that i didn't binge it feels so GOOD to be on the right TRACK!!!

Just a thought ~...........
why is it that every time you eat you just want to keep EATING i will eat just a little to satisfy me and all i can think about is EATING MORE !!! YIKES !!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BLC Started TODAY .............

I feel so good about this i feel as this is IT!!! i am going to get these last few lbs off for GOOD ! i can't wait i feel my old self is coming BACK that STRONG WOMEN THAT GOT ME THIS FAR..

Last week


this week


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Yr Ago TODAY..........

I Remember getting out of bed and saying this was IT ! NOT NO MORE....... so i started on my Journey !
it has been a very Tring time but so worth all the SWEAT it took me to get to where i am today!
i eat so much better of course i have days weeks where i eat what i want when i want but i ALWAYS WORK OUT !
in fact i have only missed 1 day in this whole yr of working out ! 1 DAY WOOOHOOO ! MEEE!
so i got BRAVE today and posted some pics of me in my new suit

Monday, April 13, 2009

East Was a SUCESS...........

Yes this mama AKA bunny didn't get into ANY of the candy WHOOOT! i didn't over eat any of the Dinner WOOOOHOOOOOOO........... I CAN SO DO THIS ................
WI day has changed AGAIN my BLC is starting again and now WI will be WED....... i can't wait to see what WED will HOLD for me !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

so i was the Cook and the Bunny today so as you all know my house is FULL of temptations i have been staying Strong and doing VERY well today !
i am on day 4 of staying on task I LOVE it i feel so empowered when i am doing well i even went out to have a few beers last night and of course drank MGD 64 cals Love that stuff ok i don't really LOVE it lol but if i am going to have a drink i don't want it PACKED with cals lol
i am so excited to see what WI day holds for me i didn't Post WI day this week cause it was just plain BAD i know i should have to just keep track but i didn't bummer but here is what i was i shot up to
173 4/8/09
OMG all my bad eating for like 2 wks in a row but my bad eating is going to be a thing of the past i want to drop my last 38 lbs this is IT!!!!!! no fooling around stop the over eating Amy and stay on track so wish me luck that the scale will be WAY down this week !

Friday, April 10, 2009

WHY is IT ............?

Ok so i Hate the DREADED question of
"How did you lose your weight?"
& why do i hate this cause when i lay it all out and they get to the part where i stayed at 1,000 cals a day THEY FREAK....... and say you are staving yourself Hell no it was Not easy when i started sure i was Hungry i ate like a PIG before but once my body got used to it i was ok! i do what works for me i have NEVER told any one to do what i did ! so WTF.... do what works for you and don't worry about how i achieved what i did i got it done so leave it at THAT..........!

I had a great day yesterday and i HOPE this is just the start of what is to come for the weeks months ahead............

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Drove me ............

To lose 100lbs ?........... was it the whole competitive side of me and now that i sit at home all day every day i don't have NO competition ? with the ladies at work i knew they were watching my every move waiting for me to mess up i couldn't give them that satisfaction but now i don't know all i want to do is eat ........ my weakness is at night i can do fine all day then BAM............ look out and get out of my way when i get these attaches .........

we are down to 18 days till my 5k am i going to run it feeling like a HUGE FAT COW???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Ok i have 34lbs to go and i am can't seem to shake this WHY ?? really me and Hubby had a DEEP talk last night about how i felt why i was feeling this way what happened to the Strong women i was ? where did she go ? will i find her again ? it is FAST approaching one yr since i started this journey I'm so Pleased with my self i am still on it and not have gained lots back i think it was just MY time to be ME the real me that i have always wanted to be !! i knew this girl was hiding deep in side and wanted out ! so i can't let her go i need her she needs me ! i have to work at this i need to STOP the self SABOTAGE!!
you would think that losing over 100lbs that 34 lbs would be walk in the park but SHIT it is NOT i am so addicted to food it is SCARY ........ i so know what people feel like that have addicitons YIKES it is truly a scary thing ..........
af is dragging me down big time this week it is sucking the life from me ................


Monday, April 6, 2009

Rocky Road.....

Only at day 2 of doing the right thing and i feel as i am on a rocky road i am over my cals that i would like to be at i am at 1382 i know i am NOT doing that bad right now but i still have ALL Night i can feel me BREAKING and i don't want to .... why must eating be so ADDICTING to me ?????

Amy YOUR Woth It.....

Yes i am worth getting back on track and doing the right things! yesterday went well so of course i am feeling Getting today i love this feeling i just need to keep this going from NOW ON !

Af showed today witch is fine at least it is NOT on a WI day lol like she likes to do every other month

i ordered my swimming suit this am not sure how it will all go down with it gets here lol but it sure looks cute on line lol

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nothing NEW..........

So i have still be bingeing I suck i really need to get this back in check before i give up on it for ever i know i should be the Strong woman that got me this far ! but i am not not sure why i am so much better then letting the FOOD sneak back in to my life right ?
my Hubby is doing so well i need his will power !
my workouts have rocked Thanks gosh or i would be in so much trouble !
i hope all of you that are on your Journeys are doing Great Leave me a comment and let me know ! i love hearing GREAT news! at this point I NEED IT !

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok so i am so SICK of FUCKING Haters i am so nice to everyone and then just get shit on like i am NOTHING so much for SUPPORT RIGHT???? i love to Support everyone i can on there Journeys but really i don't get any kind of Support in return ? i have so MUCH mean things going though my head right now i don't want to say anything that mite Offend any one cause believe me it is really NO Friend of mine that pissed me off but still i felt i support them they can do the same right ? for now i will bite my lip and not say any more

The Scale is Looking better .................

Ok well i didn't loose to much from last week but you know how my week went so seeing a Loss really is AMAZING lol so i will take it !
last week
this week

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April..........

I am so going to ROCK in April i AM going to make this the 1st month in a LONG time that i don't MESS up ! my 5 k is 26 days away i want to be in top shape Not feeling like a GIANT PIGGY!
Yesterday i ROCKED just don't know if can do all the working out i did EVERYday lets just say that by 9ish i could NOT move ! i didn't over eat cause i couldn't get off the couch lol this is what i did yesterday

Top # is Mins bottom is Cals Burned
Cardio & Calories Burned
Home Elliptical
Home Elliptical
Treadmill ~ RUN
At the Gym Combo~
Daily Totals:

so now on to a GREAT day today no i don't think i will get this much working out in today we have to go out of town this afternoon