Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still HERE

I just have been doing about the same so i thought do they need a play by play NOT SO MUCH lol i am still just hanging out in the 160s still working out maybe not like i used to but still 6 days a week !
i did learn somthing about my self though i have been going out of town a whole lot with NO SCALE and just not getting on that thing really leaves me feeling GREAT day from day i think what really brings me DOWN i just not seeing the 135 that i have in my head i need to be !
i know it is some thing i am still going to aim for but not totally Think about EVERYDAY all day ! i want to be ME ! start to LOVE me and i think that staying away from the scale mite just do this for me for a while


Traci said...

I feel like you. I've been hovering around the same weight and not feeling like updating. I like your idea of not weighing in as often.

Amanda said...

I think you're at a great transition point to start living in a mantaining mind frame and weighing in maybe just once a month. Aim for bigger activity things like running a longer race and maybe the training/eating for that will help you get to your goal. I agree with the loving yourself as you are when you are what you are :)

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