Monday, October 5, 2009


i know i said BRING it but AHHH!!! that past week i have ate horrible !! only ate good one time last week ! so it is time to get that back were it needs to be !
yesterday i was feeling lots of energy lol i ran 7 miles but this am my legs are sore and so are my ankles ! but my goal is to keep upping how long my runs are i want to do a 10 K this spring as well as MAYBE get to the 1/2 marathon !! so i think this winter working on longer runs is a GREAT idea !

here it to Amy having a BETTER week i am getting so gitty about my appt on the 15th i checked out the sight that they have and really just seen before and after shots makes me cry i want this so BAD i feel it will complete me !!


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