Monday, January 11, 2010

Gah Here i am Again !!

With my eating :( i get on a Bad kick and let it all go for wks! it sucks!!! i need to make 2010 my yr the yr i reach my goal i often look around at and i relize not so many really shoot for a low goal wieght like i am so maybe i am just way off who knows that stupid 135 haunts me i want to be 135 !

when i get off track like this it just sets me back ! i read a blog the other day that mite have been my AHHH HAAAAA moment so i guess we will see

i am Happy with what i have done my goal was just 100lbs DID That but i always think i need more ? days i am harder on myself at 153 then i was at 275 ???? why in the world would that be ??

so now that i let 10 days pass me by i have came up with a game plan !

Eat 1200 cals a day

Burn at least 400 cals a day

Goal is to lose at lest 2lbs a wk

so that will put me close to 135 by my 2yr mark of April 14

i also am going to Treat myself to weekly goodies so if i can do good from wed to wed on wed i will pic one goodie to have be it fast food or candy :) so we shall see !

ON a good note i looked back on my Cardio tracker and i only missed 22 days of working out last yr NOT bad!! for 2009 and for 2008 i started in april but i didn't miss any days !!! so my goal is to make it to april with not a miss and my record will be 22 days missed in 2 yrs WOOOTT!

Got some new Ascis got a GREAT deal on them a Dicks so i could NOT pass them up and they were my Favoirte !! Nimbius 10 ! i also got some warm wearther clothes & summer workout clothes !


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