Monday, April 12, 2010

Ran in my skirt...

my new Skirt came last week and i thought i better get my 13 mile run in so why not test the skirt to see if i could wear it on run day .. got all geared up made sure i used my body glide !! i have SAGGY LEGS bad !! the run went GREAT !! the skirt worked GREAT my only thing was i SWEATY!! so by the end of my 13 miles i was Dripping went down my legs YUCK ( i know to much tmi ) but i didn't have any burn after the run from my thighs rubbing and they did :) so the body glide works wonders !!!


Traci said...

What is a body glide? Does the skirt have shorts under? I'm trying to picture how this would be good to run in.

rizomomof4 said...

Traci no it has undies so with your HOT weather it would ROCK !!

it really Helps for some reason my callor bones stick out to much and all my bras rub me raw i have so many scars from my sports bras i had to find somthing and alot of people told me about this it is good for where ever you mite get chafing :)

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