Sunday, October 17, 2010


since i am starting to do a little bit of barefoot running i thought i would get me some vibrams i love them ! i did 2 miles but i think i should have started a bit more slow lol my ankels still are a bit sore a few days later lol
as for my weight loss at a stand still BELH !! i need to pick it up to get to goal !! before the holidays lol or heack maintain till after right ha ha we shall see !!
as for tummy tuck feeling great !! still a little sore here and there but i know for one thing i never regreat any of it !!! love looking down at my body to see a flat tummy not a huge Mess of saggy skin :)


mysticallybella said...

oooh la la! sexy vibrams! love the colors! totally girly and fun! :)

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