Thursday, July 30, 2009


WHY i hate that i can do so good for a while then do bad for the next few days to follow why all i am doing it one step good one step bad if i keep this up i will NEVER see that 135 ! or even my ULTIMATE goal of 125 !
so as i have said so many times the past few months it is time for me to STOP the binges ! i can do this i know i have that inner strong women that got me to the 100lb + loss in only 5 months so it is time to dig DEEP and pull her back out i just want to eat right for one month! then i will work on the next lol so here goes !
i am at my cals for the day 1,083 i don't care i am going to STAY STRONG tonight i don't care what cookies is calling my name i am going to come back tomorrow and tell you just how good i was lol i am in HOPES that i will see the lowest i have ever been my in my Adult life with in the next week maybe 2 but i HAVE TO ! i want this ! more then food !


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