Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got My Chalean Extreme !

I can NOT wait to try this program out ! i thought that i would not like it because i didn't ever really like turbo jam just didn't click with me well about 2 wks ago i thought i would give the chalean ex a try i had a friend that burned me just a part of it she thought i would like ! OMG i was in LOVE when i was done i could not move for 2 days after but i knew when i was done it ROCKED! so i had to order the whole set i just got it in the mail yesterday so mon i will start it i am going to TRY my hardest to stay loyal NOT binge the whole 3 months to see if i can really shake these last few lbs i have
so my new found love of Chalene i decided to try turbo jam again OMG i am love with this as well it really kicks some bum and you burn good cals i love it !
my oldest daughter and her friend workout with me yesterday and i have to say the my 32 yr old bum kicked there 13 & 14 yr old bum HA HA girls it felt GREAT mama kicks BUTT!!!
there is a great friend on spark that is struggling as well so we have decided to not look at that BIG picture but to take it 10lbs at a time so it don't seem so bad ! so we started off yesterday great ! so i really hope this is the end for me and a great beginning for her ! i am ready ! to get these lbs off and maintain for the rest of my life ! i know i can do this !
so this weekend some time i will be taken pic (before) i start the Chalean Ex and them after the 3 months i will take more so i HOPE i can say WOW ! look what i done !


Lo said...

Ames I think you are doing great!! I have about 40 or so LBS to loose but Im just not motivated. Ryan is so into working out and is in really good shape and I feel embarrassed for him to be with me, LOL. Keep up the good work mama!!!

rizomomof4 said...

AWWW LL Please don't think of it that way and if you do just start off slow girl you can do this yes it is HARD as you can see my struggles but so worth it in the end does Hubby ever offer to help you start out ? when you start working out you really get your motvaion !

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