Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Hair Cut

So i got my hair cut yesterday and i must say i was feeling CUTE!! lol as for my eating not so cute !

today i have done Great now to just get my bum to bed and start out GREAT ! i was thinking last night i 32lbs that i want to lose and them maybe 10lb after i see what i look like lol so i REALLY would LOVE to get this off by the new yr .i am really going to try my bum off ! it is so CRAZY how much i can sit and think about wanting food for NO REAL GOOD REASON ! i am not hungry i just want to eat ! time to snip this in the BUM ! NOW !

I hope my news for tomorrow is I MADE it though Day 1 yet again :)

1,043 cals for the day

i workout out for 52 mins and burned 404 cals


Traci said...

So cute!

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