Monday, August 31, 2009

NOT always the Case !

so as we all have guessed the past week i have NOT BEEN on track whats NEW with me right so i have jumped on the scale a little here and there and just NOT liking that darn thing ! just a silly # really makes or breaks me ?!?!?!
so this brings us to yesterday it was chilly out side and i knew i had to reach for my jeans ! thinking in my head OMG they are NOT going to fit and i am going to DIE if i get them out and they are sung or what not so last winter i always had my 9/10 hanging around for my FAT days lol so here goes i grab my 5/6 and slide them on guess WHAT they fit better then they did last yr nice and perfect ! i was in heaven ! really so it just goes to show you it is not all about the # it is really about how great you feel in something !

i am going to make the BEST out of sept ! *i know i can it is time for me to put the FAT girl back in remission !


Amanda said...

Wearing a 5/6 is awesome!

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