Wednesday, November 11, 2009


WI today !

yes one week down again of me being back on track i still can only say i am taken it one day at a time but i am feeling wonderful i really HOPE that next week at wi i will be leaving 160ville FOR GOOOD And to never see it again !!!!!! ------------->
i went on a uber long run on sunday and i am still feeling a little sore ha ha i think i am getting old or i let my fat self ruin my body but i made the 7 miles and i am going to keep going!
i love to run ! it feels great ! i know for sure this yr i am going to get my 10k in ! i am so excited about it !
i hope to do a 1\2 marathon to but my tummy tuck mite get in the way of that but we shall see still no word yet back from the ins tomorrow it will be 4 wks so another 2 to wait i sure hope no longer than that i am so READY to get this going!


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