Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WOOOHOOOO still in them 150's

LOL yes i am happy it seems every time i get to the 150's i am always that fast to mess up and be back to the 160's and with that being said i over did it at the bar Friday then the munchies that come after the bar GAH!! so i had to work extra hard to NOT see a gain this week i also had a hot late night date with some chocolate on Sunday so again busted my bum to NOT see a gain and well i came out on top !! i just want to keep going down from here

the bad things is the holidays are here YUCK!!! so look out me and the inner fat girl are going to do alot of fighting i am sure ! stay tuned to see who wins lol


Traci said...

Woho! I'm so proud of you. I do the same thing. It's like you have a sigh of relief to be back in the 150s (or whatever range) and then you slack up a bit. I do this. I'm glad you are getting that scale moving downward. Awesome job!!

rizomomof4 said...

Thanks so much i feel like i am back to doing better i still say one day at a time but i am doing it :)

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