Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the Up & Up again

Yeah here is Amy s0unding like a broken record i KNOW lol but i am going to keep this good streak up and get to my goal !
i did how ever find out that the OLD Amy can not come back lol (with this i mean ) not eating much and working my ass off ! yesterday i ate 1095 cals and burned 710 cals to leave me VERY ill feeling last night i had to get up and eat a little more i was way sick that i didn't know if i was coming down with the flu or was it how i treated my day ?? but after a few wheat thins i was better i just learned that i can't go so HARD core any more so i am willing to take 2lbs loss a week to get to where i need to be i have
31lbs to go and i am going to get there !!!!!!!!!!


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