Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food Addiction

Well Yesterday didn't end well as most days lately i binged right before bed i was high in my cals yesterday any ways about 1,500 !!AH!! WHY can't i do this !! i have got this FAR why mess up now so i fed my inner FAT girl food she loved and NOW we can't give them up ??? REALLY now come on Amy your better then this i have not worked for almost 11 months to let this all go !?!?!
i know food is a BAD addiction for me i hate that with food being your addiction you have to find the PERFECT balance cause GUESS what we have to eat everyday to live your balance it to EAT TO LIVE not LIVE TO EAT!!
with all other addictions you can decided to STOP then not turn back with food you have to have that so it is like a teaser you can only have this little bit to live and NO MORE ! NICE for someone like me with that INNER FAT girl that is NOT always an easy thing to do !
so as you all know or will learn fast from this blog i will get up dust off and start NEW today !

Should I???
just Love myself for what i have become and NOT worry about the scale that does NOT say 135?!?!? i am a mom of 4 i have to admit i love the way i look i just seem to want to STRIVE for the 135 or 122 i will be 32 so being 166 is not all that bad ??? after all i came from 275 for yrs that i thought was just FINE and now being 166 is not good ??? what is with me !


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