Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Really WANTED to !

Ok so yesterday was going along GREAT i was told by a GREAT online friend (Lisa)that i should sit down every morning and PLAN out what i am going to eat things go alot better when you a SAHM so i did this
I did have McDonald's yesterday morning it was so yummy 1 Egg Mcmuffin 1 hash browns i think the cals =474 yes a little much for breakfast but wroth it lol
I was cruising along just great! the weather here yesterday was so nice we went on a family walk ! it was great got home had some protein water cause i was feeling a bit hungry ya me! Then i had to run to the store to get something BAD idea i passed the candy ile all good on our way out my Hubby stopped by the candy ile and of course the candy isle is right where we have to pay ! so i grab some Jelly beans (NOT a bad choice) , dinner mints (still not a bad choice), then some Resses Peanut Butter Barz (OMG these things are TDF ) as good as they taste they are only 120 cals per bar
So i get out side the store where my baby wants to ride the rides i open the dinner mints have a hand full not a big deal only 60 cals for a serving then off to the van i opened the jellybeans I think i had about 2 serving NOT that GREAT when they are 150 cals a serving ! AH!! so then i get home add up my cal i am at 1,300 ok not bad but that is it NO MORE eating and i had not even had supper yet
WHAT DO I DO ?!?!?!?
I ask the family if they want to go out for supper for PIZZA not only is it PIZZA but it is a buffet so well lets just say my day was a BUST AGAIN!!!
as for my workouts ~GREAT as always i get so down on myself i work out so HARD everyday just to keep my weight off AH!!!


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