Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can i Finish This!?!?!

Hi i am Amy Wife to my WONDERFUL HUBBY Biran & mama to 4 wonderful kiddos i started this journey April 14,2008 up till now i have lost 108.7 yes i know that is a GREAT achivement but at one point i was down to 154lb then came the Dreaded Hoildays since then i just can't get back in it with my eating i work out everyday and love it ok maybe not love it but i do it if i don't i feel GUILTY!! so why can't my eating work the same
so this Blog is going to be about my daily stuggles with my INNER FAT girl i am NOT going to let her win! i will get to my goal !

MY GOAL WEIGHT IS 135lbs but i would love to see 122lb but 1st things 1st my goal weight of 135lbs

What i did to GET where i am today
till this day i have only missed 1 day of working out !
walked 35 mins ~ worked out to be about 2 miles
upped to 40 mins
than to 60mins
with in the 2 i added some running NOT long runs just a minute here and there
i also added a night work out that i got to work out with my Hubby!
i don't do a night work out everyday but most of the days i do
i mix up what i use
of course out side for walks & jogs!
EATING i never went over 1,000 cals
as of right now i would like to burn at least 600 cals a day and keep my cals at 1,200

31.3lbs to go!
I TRY TO ONLY GET ON MY SCALE ONE TIME A WEEK NOW there for awhile i was OVER doing it like several times a day YIKES!

so for today everything seems to be going along just fine but like many other days this is how it all goes till right before bed and i OVER eat! and BLOW my whole day ! me and Hubby got a Luch out just by our selfs it was so nice we only went to wendys but it was GOOD! i ate Healthy WOOOHOOO for me a grilled chicken with a side sald! WTG me ! also i hit the gym with my Hubby today most of the time i just use what we have here at home Treadmill & Elliptcal but i wanted a change today so i went with him ! THANKS HUBBY IT WAS FUN !


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