Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

so i was the Cook and the Bunny today so as you all know my house is FULL of temptations i have been staying Strong and doing VERY well today !
i am on day 4 of staying on task I LOVE it i feel so empowered when i am doing well i even went out to have a few beers last night and of course drank MGD 64 cals Love that stuff ok i don't really LOVE it lol but if i am going to have a drink i don't want it PACKED with cals lol
i am so excited to see what WI day holds for me i didn't Post WI day this week cause it was just plain BAD i know i should have to just keep track but i didn't bummer but here is what i was i shot up to
173 4/8/09
OMG all my bad eating for like 2 wks in a row but my bad eating is going to be a thing of the past i want to drop my last 38 lbs this is IT!!!!!! no fooling around stop the over eating Amy and stay on track so wish me luck that the scale will be WAY down this week !


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