Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well as i told you before i was not doing so well my plan was to START on may 1st but i really just screwed that up like i have been doing for the past months ! so i did a restart on Wed . so wed and thur i did GREAT only ate my daily points so this now brings me to yesterday i didn't do so well i at Alot of JUNK i am still within my week bonus points but it still feels so WRONG that is just nuts but i guess i will just have to see where it gets me i have always ate so little that any time i do eat i feel bad like it is WRONG!! so i guess all i can do is see what wed brings !
i have not been getting on my scale at all for what the past 2 -3 weeks so i Hope i can get back in this 100 % and see a loss !


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