Monday, May 11, 2009

Starting to LOVE me .........AMY

Ok so i got up this am and got on the Scale YES again and UP them 3.2 lbs i was down yesterday OF COURSE so i was going to hit UBER slacker down in the DUMP mode but i got to thinking to myself as i was sitting here WHY ?? girl you have lost 100lbs YES a 100lbs!! what part of that should be Depressing !?!?!?!? i set out on the Journey saying i want to lose a 100lbs well i did that i guess i get so caught up in the BEING THINNER i truly don't think of what i have done !

i went to my moms yesterday and she gave me some pics i looked at them and thought WOW does it really take pics for me to see just how far i have come ! i have the FAT girl still in my mind so much i still think i am her ?????!!!! and although i am not no skinny Minnie i still LOOK good!

Lovin Amy is going to be a work in Progress i want to think of me and just say i do love ME!

No off my bum for a walk in this nice weather today !


Traci said...

Aw Amy. You ARE doing good. You are doing great! It's amazing how we can forget what we have already accomplished when we get so bogged down with what's current. You can do this and have been doing it. Keep up the great work.

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