Thursday, May 14, 2009


OMG really i am hanging here by a thread wow! i just can't believe this is so hard for me right now :( i have gained yet again ! it is time to get real or just give in and say well AMY you Failed again !
BUT i don't want to give in that way me being addicted to food is one thing that i just can't get OVER it is always going to be with me a struggle for the rest of my life :( i have talked with a few women that have lost over 100lbs as well and we all feel that this will NEVER fully leave us sucks ! but i guess part of life !
so yesterday i didn't do any workout i just sat and had to think all day what my plan of action was going to be i am going to make this work i have worked way to hard to let it all go now !

in oct i was 154 i am now up to 171 SUCKS!
i will get back to 154 and move on to my goal ! it is just going to be like starting all over like it was back in April of 2008 !


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