Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well i over did the food last night when i got home after a night out lol but as of now i am still in the good with my ww points for the week i did get on the scale this am just to "SEE" lol i know i should NOT have wed is still a few days away but i was down 3.2 lbs :) so i guess it mite be working

i am so tried today i said Sundays were my day off but i really should do something i was really lax this week with my work outs and even had one day that i only burned 200 cals YIKES a little low :( but as of right now i am not feeling much but being lazy but i guess i have a few hrs left to pull something out lol

i also have the feeling that i am going to JUMP head 1st in to the food :( so maybe what happens tonight i will NOT get in the good of the points OH i hate DAYS like this :(


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