Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Price we will pay ?

This is taken on 6\17\10
Day after when i got home

WOW !! Really the Price we pay to want to look good ??!?!? what was i thinking i am sure in the long run i will LOVE this ! but wow ! wow ! wow ! i have been such an active person over the past 2 yrs that now all i can do is sit i try to get up and walk every few hrs but it takes forever ,& i am sore tho i can tell it is getting better!


C. Beth said...

Wow, Amy, I can tell there is so much less skin there! It's going to look awesome as it heals. You were already beautiful but I hope this feels like a wonderful reward for allt he hard work and discipline you've shown!!

C. Beth said...

*allt he* = "all the" :-D

Tricia said...

sending you healing thoughts!

Angela said...

Amy, it does seem incredible what we will do to ourselves, but this is one of those situations that warrants it! I too have the awful saggy skin on my belly, and it really does bother me! I know you are only second guessing because of how you feel right now, but it will get better, and you will be back to running in no time! As soon as you are able, get walking, as often and as long as you can, that will help you feel so much better.

Traci said...

Oh Amy, before long you will be back to your normal active self. Just think of your next run and all of the less skin in the way. You deserved to do this. It will be worth it. I hope it's very soon that you can see the differences and feel like it was worth it all.

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