Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr appt today

My appt went well ,i hate the drive that it is 2 hrs away, i didn't take any meds cause i knew i had to drive so i did good i guess i took my nana for a back up driver but i did it ! i felt every bump in the road how ever :( so about 15 mins before i got there i took a muscle relaxer got up to my appt i knew that by the looks of my drains they were NOT going to come out today :(
REALLY i think that the drains are so PAINFUL !! just like a naggy kind of pain since they are stitched in a BAD spot
she wants the fluid to get a little lighter & a total of only 20 cc coming out i get about 30cc in about 12hrs so if it goes down by next wk i can go back and get them OUT or i have another appt on the 8th so it could be 1 more wk or 2 OH JOY but i know in time this will all be over
i still am VERY swollen every where my tummy,hip, my feet & legs :( i can't wait for all this to go down
i talked to her about standing up strait it is really tight when i try but she says just keep working at it that i would not hurt any thing either way but my back will hurt from slouching
i got the 3 stitches out that were in my belly button :)
i have the ok to WALK as i want i should know what my body can do she said just add a little each day :)
i will take pics tomorrow of everything :)


Traci said...

Well, at least one uncomfortable thing got to come out (stitches). Big huge hugs for you, Amy!!!

C. Beth said...

It doesn't sound like a fun recovery! I'm sorry it's rough, and hope you're feeling great soon!

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