Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bolder Boulder BABY !!

6.2 miles
1 h 3 m 46 s
WHAT a wonderful day it was OMG i had so much FUN !!! the course was GREAT the People of Boulder made it FUN there was so much going on the whole way on the course you didn't even have time to realize you were running from Water to cookouts to drinks being handed out to marshmallows being tossed at you WOW as i sit here and think what a GREAT time i had NOT ONLY for the simple FACT I AM A RUNNER ..... that my friends i NEVER thought i would say i am tearing UP !! to get out on a course and RUN just cause you can FEELS so GREAT !! i know i have ran 13 miles a few times so why make the 6.2 a BIG thing i guess the feel of a RACE is just so filling that just you running can't touch i had my whole family there with me it was GREAT ! there were 54,000 runners this is the 2nd biggest 10k in the world !! WOW REALLY i look forward to it next yr !!
Here is My Results 1h3m46s OVER all out of 54,000 i was 19,483 out of my Division i was 258 out of 644 out of just my gender i was 7,464 out of 25,851* it was fun and well worth it all :)


C. Beth said...

You ROCKED IT! Sounds like a really, really fun race!

Amanda said...

look at you in your cute little skirt smokin those runners! Go Amy!

rizomomof4 said...

Thanks so much girl but GAH are some running pics NOT CUTE ;) i look PG in that pic of me running lol

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