Friday, July 9, 2010

23 DPO ........... AND ..........

The Drian is GONE not so sure it was a good thing i should have kept it a while longer but today i woke up went for a walk and just added a little jog in there but there was also hills in this walk with it being longer so not sure where i messed up at lol but ...i got home was taken off my clothes to see my drian didn't have any thing at the top so i moved it stuff moved inside so i though oh must have had a kink in it while i was walking with the shorts i had on till i took them off and there was drianage all over YIKES what happend pulled my drian out to see it was full of air so i tried to squeeze it where the drian would then start to suck yuck back out welllll that didn't work i tried a few more time and thought OH what the heck i am pulling it out so i did it has been leaking bad today and i HOPE i don't get any fluid bulid up for i call my dr and all should be ok :) so YA YAYAY drian FREE and to celebrate here is a pic


C. Beth said...

So exciting! You are looking great! SO different than right after when you still had so much swelling. And it's nice not to see a tube coming down your leg. ;)

Traci said...

Woho!! How exciting! Not so fun to go through, I'm sure, but you're drain free!!

Jae said...

You look GREAT! You're a strong woman to face the surgery, the pain, etc. Inspirational!!!
Thank you for writing about the whole experience.

I've an award over at my blog to say thank you for your inspiration and encouragment.
Keep up the hard work, you're worth it!!!

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