Sunday, July 4, 2010

2wk post Op..

Things are getting BETTER here for me ya ya yaya ... sleep is better still have to lay still and flat on my back but my leg is all good !!
i am down to 18 min miles when i started earlier this week it took me 28 mins that 1st mile !! ya me !!!
all the soreness pretty much gone already more like a numb feeling now that kinda sucks but i love my new look still swollen on one side more then the other and really bad about bikini line in the middle YIKES i think this is more from the drains YES i still have these horried things !!! i am just going to HOPE they will come out on my next appt on July 8th one can hope right lol
soo all in all SO GLAD i made this choice i could not have been happier !! with my results and it only gets better from here
i am already talking about my next surgery !!! lol i HOPE will happen in OCT !!!! WOOOOT


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