Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am feeling so good NO pain at all SLEEPING great Drian FREE !! ( one drian Hole is still Leaky ) but over all i am feeling GREAT ! if i have my binder off to long my Muscle repair does get sore i still get tired faster but ... that to will all get better !! i am up to walking 3miles wooohooo it is hard to jog in my binder i am all stiff and tight lol so i think if i get to remove it a bit on wk 6 i will try to jog more :)


C. Beth said...

Look at that flat tummy!!! Wow, girl, you are looking great!!

Traci said...

I love the angle on this shot. Not only is your tummy flat but you can see your toes/feet. That's such a great pic. 3 miles?! Dang that's good. Great job!

Jae said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you lose weight in your feet too??? :) You look amazing. And 3 miles? You're doing better than I did after a meesley c-section! :)

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