Sunday, July 4, 2010

SLEEP !?!?!?

SLEEP was that what that was OMG !! we headed to my mil for a few days tho the road trip ws rought a long(5hr) road for a sore tummy i feel THIGHT !! when i get out of the car but all in all it was good but i could NOT take any kind of sleeping on my BACK ANY MORE... so i gave sleeping a try on my sides GOAL !! i slept good !! yayayay i got up this am went for a walk just felt AMAZIN.... i so wanted to add a little jog in there but the inner me said NO AMY just wait so i am going to give it alittle but longer just working on my distance not so much pace right now
Happy 4th ... I know i am Loving Live & all my choices i have chose !!


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