Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't see ME FOR ME

It sucks yes i have lost so much weight(121 lbs) but i can't see me for me i feel like that fat girl i have been for 30 + yrs !??!!? i put on my Bikini today and walked out side i FEARED i was going to SCARE that daylights out of someone :( i then thought it would be cool to POST on FB WHAT for that BRIEF second i felt GOOD !! then i thought AMY WTF !?!!?!?!? are you thinking DELETE it and FAST so i did GAH why can't i feel good in my own skin i know my tummy needs work but it will be fixed SOOOO Then will i feel better ????


mysticallybella said...

girly! i don't know what you are worried about...because you look damn good! i'm guessing that you are unhappy with the tummy line that is by your belly button...but you know what? i have that, too! kids truly do a number on our bodies, don't they? :P and you will have your revision in a few months and then i'm sure your tummy will be even flatter. :) so chin up, buttercup! you look amazing! way to rock it!

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