Monday, February 1, 2010

FEB is here

So this means it is time for Amy to find the Wagon and Jump back on it lol !! my 2 yr ann is fast approaching i have a weight i would like to be so here goes .........Gah as i sit here all i am thinking about is FOOD really why do i have to be so DARN addicted to food Really but i guess i am now to live with it !

i started Chalean Extreme AGAIN today last time i didn't make it to long i seen a gain and just FREAKED but not this time if i stay 160 FOREVER that is not all that bad as the BMI Chart told me Desirable ( LMAO) way better then where i came from Morbidly obese RIGHT so time to tone and with the heavy lifting you do in Chalean i think i will tone up :) so here i go !! what will FEB bring

work out 7 days a wk (28 days)
Mon-Sat Burn 400-500 Cals
Sun 200 cal Burn
EATING 1,000-1,200 cals (28 days)


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