Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Garmin LOVE

my Garmin FR60 came yesterday i had to get it all set up FAST and get it ready for my run today then i awake to a light cover of snow AHHH so i toss on my shoes to see if the roads are slick NOPE so i get geared up and ready for a RUN i did 4.25 Sundays are my lazy days i only do 2 miles but i was LOVING my garmin so much i kept going lol really i love this thing what did i ever do with out it for so long lol

as for my challenge with my Jan running mamas my total miles Ran this week is 30 WOOT WOOT so lets see what next week brings i would like to get another LONG run just 9 miles this time unless that 10 just sneaks in
also my hurt achilles Tendon is still not a 100% so this am i thought to wrap it before my run and it seemed to help i am going to keeo that up and i HOPE it will be at 100% soon !!


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