Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yes this is what goes though my mind if i even feel a twinge of any thing funny i don't want to be sick i don't have time to be sick i can't workout if i am sick i am NOT going to get SICK i never Get sick well guess what I AM SICK !!! AHHHH!!! i have not been sick in well over a yr mite even be longer so i wonder what i mite have done that i let my guard down :( i know i have been pushing my self hard with my running maybe that wore me down who know but shoot now to feel BETTER and fast i am still going to get a run \walk in while i am sick unless it gets worse (IT BETTER NOT lol)

now on to my Overeating for the past few months yes i said months i really have not been GOOD since Nov :( but i am going to get this back on TRACK!! i did better yesterday 1600 cals i always think YIKES that is high but i am telling my self it is ok now to EAT more but i guess all i can do is see where this gets me !

today's plan less then 1600 cals !

Also on a good note my hubby got on the scale last week to a not so happy wi but you know what i am here for him and he to will get back on track last yr he lost 50lbs he is back up a few NOT all of it but it is time for him to get this done i know he can so i am going to be giving updates on him as well i am excited for him !


Traci said...

Cute new format! Don't worry about being sick. As long as it's nothing serious, you could probably still workout. You don't know how many times I normally would have stayed home, but went anyway. Only to find out I felt much better after going. You can do this!!!

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