Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Amy Heads out for a LONG run ..

There is so much i have to remember and TRUST me on this it is a learn as i go cause i have ran into some NOT so good things ha ha i will spare you any of the gory details but what i have learned so far ...

1. cover nose ring with medical tape( so it don't fall out ) i got me some new rings that will not fall out but they have a twist to them and i can't for the life of me get it in my NOSE AHHHH!!!
2.Brace for my bad Achilles Tendon( witch is getting better) but i am to chicken to leave it off for a run in case it starts to hurt again !
3.Good Capri's( pants if i am heading out doors this time of yr i found that the nike running shorts rub me RAW :( ( but i love the built in undies ) ha ha
4.sports bra ?? i have always loved my target ones but the longer runs i get rubbed raw and my chest not my boobs ( don't have any ) ha ha but i heard that body glide works good for this so i have some on the way so we shall see !
5.Garmin Heart monitor\foot pod
6.Sweat band Even if i do look like a total NERD ! ha ha if i am heading out doors my ear warmer does great !
7.Water bottle ( for treadmill) Camelbak for outdoors
8.GU if it is going to be a LONG run
Oh Shoot well there you have it seems like a whole lot to remember that is why i am learning along the way !

the number one thing i am on the HUNT for next !
Capri's with built in Undies ?!?!? do they make them ?? or i guess better sports undies ( you would think this is no biggie but for me IT is lol....

also going to get some Thorlos to see if they make my runs any more Happy i am sure it will :)


Traci said...

So many questions. What is a GU? How do you carry water for an outside run? What are thorlos?

Amanda said...

Traci- Golite has a really good hand held waterbottle with a pouch too. Gu basically restores your energy reserves when you're on a long run. After an hour your body has used all it has stored up so you have to top it off again and it helps you keep going fast :)

Amanda said...

Amy- I have to keep telling myself it's a trial and error process, but I can't believe all I've learned over the past year and half! So much fun!

rizomomof4 said...

Amanda ! your not kidding i have learned a lot and still feel i tons more to learn lol

Traci The GU is GREAT ! Amanda told me about them really it got me to that 11 mile !
Thorlo's are a padded sock i want to try on my long runs
as for what i got for my water i got the Flash flow it holds 45 oz and it about 3 lbs so nothing to bad

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