Monday, February 22, 2010

My 1st 1/2...

it was done on the Treadmill but i still FEEL GREAT made a goal i set !!
i started my run this am nice and slow i have some things going on from last week that i didn't want to get worse but i wanted to get my long run in today i was only going to shoot for 12 but EH ! why not just go that extra mile !!
i was at mile 2 and thought maybe i would try something different i would eat some GU every 2 miles though out the run it worked good i had 2 left to eat at the end
i was at mile 8 listing to my ipod witch i don't do ofteN i usally just watch tv but it was a nice change so i am om mile 9 and Pitbull comes on WOW i just felt great !! i felt on top of the world i have come so FAR!!! that i just love being able to do things i could NOT just less then 2 yrs ago !! WOW AMY just WOW!!!
i didn't wear my foot brace it feels fine it was getting a little stiff feeling at mile 9 but no hurt at all and it still don't so that is a GOOD sign !!
mile 11 SEEMED to take the longest lol then i knew after that i was on uncharted ground !? but i keep pushing and made it my 13th mile FELT so GOOD !!
after i was done i wanted to SCREAM i did IT!!!!! i called my mom and have to admit i was a little teary i have came so far it is just nutty ! lots of hard work but nothing i can't handle


Tricia said...

great job!

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