Thursday, February 11, 2010


Or was it just my mood today i really don't know but i slept good last night was i feeling the workout love this am NO not really but i got my warm weather gear on and headed out for my run !
the weather was GREAT not cold (well for here in the sticks any ways :) i still have the cold so this was not making my run swell but not horrifying either
i get 1/2 way and feel my sports bra Creeping around my neck WONDERFUL!!! what can i do Nada i have 2 shirts on one tucked in my pants gloves so there was no putting the girls back where they go so what now KEEP RUNNING lol
then my garmin starts to fog Not bad i could still read it but WTF!!!
i just felt i could NOT push my self hard enough today that was making me upset !
i get home and it was not quite 3 miles OK my thought was does the foot pod get messed up if my pants are in the way ???( something i have to look into today !) it mite not i just always tracked my runs on spark so i am sure that is where the error is not my garmin so now i have to tweak that run not by much
so tomorrow i really HOPE my run goes better or my mood gets better one of the 2 better give lol


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