Saturday, March 20, 2010

13 miles and NEW MOON!!

What a Great way to start my day right i didn't get my long run in Monday was just not feeling it so what better day then sat
i got up cleaned the house knew i would NOT want to clean at all after 13 miles :) got my coldgear on and heading out the house i did a few different things today
1. took my CamelBak (the waist one) it worked so good ! i was a little worried that as BIG and Bulky as it was i would NOT like it but i loved it and really didn't even move around on me one bit didn't know it was really there unless i wanted a drink
2.took the new nikes on this run and i loved them nothing hurt but my toes and i think as soon as my thorlos get here that problem will be taken care of :)
3. got new earphones to that have the foamy stuff on them they stayed in my ears well better then other other gel ones would have but as the miles and sweat went on i had to push them back in a few times new Under Armour Bra ROCKED the house lol no rubs one bit but i also used bodyglide on the spots that i know rub so worth the $40 i spent on it :)
5.Bondiband i have been a little worried about these since i sweat so much but really it proved it self to me on this 13 mile run it held out GREAT !!!

as for my need for speed i bet my treadmill time by 3 mins so maybe i am going a little faster today on my run i just wanted to keep my HR above 150 and i did the whole way drank my water and ate my GU chomps !!! all in all it was a GREAT run !!
Now time to watch New Moon !!!


Tricia said...

great job!

Traci said...

Soooooooooooooooo proud of you!!!!

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