Sunday, March 7, 2010

4th Swimsuit

Yes you read that right i just got my 4th swimming suit not happy with the other 3 i have ! i like this one how ever i think there are a few things about it i don't like so i am sending it back (made sure i could return this one ) so i THINK that next one will be the winner same type just a few tweaks this one didn't have lol
oh and why did i NOT care what i looked like in a swim suit at 275 as you can see from the pics on the right of my blog GROSS but now i worry NICE huh
Workout yesterday
i didn't run i did elliptcal it has been about 2 month since i have done any thing BUT run it was a nice change :) BUT i still love my running


Sherri said...

Buying a swim suit is the hardest....yay !!!for only having to try 4!

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