Monday, March 1, 2010

Confessions of a Runner ..

well today i went for 10 miles and i bet my time by 4 mins from my last 10 mile WOOOT me ! i really wanted to hit the streets today but got up to MORE snow SUCK!! but i got my run in any ways so eat that snow !!!
so for confessions for today ...
1. DARN started running and Forgot my headband Gah i hate to have sweat in my eyes even tho when i am outside i am NOT going to wear one lol in fear i will be laughed at
2. Went Commando today lol i worry about my undies way to much so i had someone tell me just go with out so i did and it was not weird at all my Capri leggings did just fine lol(yes i know way to TMI lol
3.gah not sure if it was the mix of bad eating yesterday or the Chomps but my tummy has been on the OUTS since i got done with my run POOYE !!

UPDATE on my Feb Jan 06 mama Challenge
my goal was 80 miles i clocked in at 121 miles WOOOT so my reward was a new outfit !!

On a side Note
i looked at some new shoes yesterday
Brooks Ravenna ~ liked them but they were not as cozy as my asics
the others were mizuno can't remember what kind now and looked them up and can't see the ones i tried on any ways not as cozy as my asics lol
so does this mean stay with what you know and love ??????


Tricia said...

I go undie free when running too. :) I love my Mizuno waves!

Amanda said...

Amy look up BondiBands. They are cool looking headbands a lot of runners wear. I haven't worn a thong since highschool, but I understand why runners wear nothing or a thong now and I'm thinking of getting one. I have nike's and they are chushy.

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