Monday, March 22, 2010

Yeah !!! & NAY !!!

i Was Happy to get my Road ID last wk in the mail ! but forgot to wear it when i was on my Run this am BUMMER!!!...

now on to the NAY !! so i really wanted some after running shoes i was always a HUGE fan of Crocs when i was FAT !!(really don't like them anymore but flipflops) (this should have been a CLUE huh?) it was the only shoe i wore for every thing i had there flip flops , a winter pair with no holes so i could wear them in the snow and just the regular ones so i was HAPPY to see that they made a pair called Prepair !! YIEEPIE !! so i found a pair online for $19.99 so i got them i was Stoked well since i got them i had no real need for them till this week after my long run ...(all other runs i just stay lazy on the couch most of the day ) well lets just say LESS THEN PLEASED :( so bummed but i could not get my feet in them without HURT :( so needless to say i have to find another pair i am thinking of going with Rider but alittle scared after these and the riders are MORE $$

If you have a pair you love let me know :)


Amanda said...

Check out recovery socks. So comfy and after my trail 10k this weekend I wore them all day and my legs felt just fine by the next day.

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